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Formal Wear Jacket Philippines: The Finishing Touch

Formal Wear Jacket Philippines: Let’s Talk Formal

Jackets are more than just a way to keep people warm when the temperature is cold. It is a way to add some contrast to one’s outfit or to provide a finishing touch. Made from a variety of materials and designed to suit a specific outfit, no two formal wear jacket is the same. The only similarity is that they add class and up one’s style game when worn with the correct outfit.

Formal Wear Jackets: Effortless Style For Him

“A man should never look shabby. He should always be perfectly groomed.”

- Jany Temime, Award winning costume designer -

To all the men out there, have you ever wondered why women are constantly falling for James Bond? It is more than just the rugged looks and the awesome haircut of the man playing the fictional British Secret Service agent (though those are just as important). Women fall in love with James Bond because of his effortless style in suits. Whether he is chasing down bad guys or seducing a woman, James Bond is always seen in a suit. And what makes a suit complete is the jacket. Here are some things you need to know about formal jackets before you purchase one:

  • No two people have the same body size. That is an important thing to remember when purchasing a jacket. The better the jacket fits, the better it will look. A bit of altering will go a long way when ensuring that the jacket fits your body perfectly.
  • Do not choose bright colours. Unless you are auditioning for a circus clown job, then sure. For formal settings, jackets should be in dark colours, but not black. There are times when black would not be the best colour to go in. The best would be dark blue or brown.
  • Same goes for patterns. Do not use bold patterns. Solid colours would the best. If you are looking for something that stands out for that but still suits for formal occasions, then vertical stripes, tiny dots or complex weaves of slightly different coloured threads are also fine.
  • Jackets are available in either single-breasted or double-breasted styles with a variable number of buttons. Choosing a style usually comes down to the current fashion trend and/or your own preference. The thing you should remember is that single-breasted jackets look fine on everybody while a double-breasted jacket would not look great on a short man.

Formal Wear Jacket: Elegance for Her

For women, a formal jacket is not very necessary because it is easy to look formal in a dress or blouse and skirt. Though, there are times when you want to give the impression that you are not someone to be taken lightly of. That is when a formal jacket can be used to give you the no-nonsense look that you may need. Of course, that look can only be achieved with the correct jacket otherwise you will end up looking like a little girl playing dress up with her mother’s clothes

When women shop for jackets, it is all about the body shape. It is not about size when we talk about body shape, but proportion. The ideal body shape for women would be the hourglass figure. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed to have such a figure, some may be stick thin, some may be petite and short, while others may have fuller hips than the top. Here are some tips on how to choose the right jacket design based on common body shapes:

  • Hourglass (Shoulders and hips are equal with a well-defined waist)
    • Designs that draw attention to waist
    • Fabric drapes
    • Hem falls below hip bone
    • Avoid straight lines, double-breasted and detailed jackets
  • Pear (Fuller hips and thighs)
    • Choose designs that focus on the area above the waist for better balance
    • Should accentuate waist
    • Should have details on top along with shoulder pads and breast pockets if possible
    • Hem falls below the hip bone
    • Avoid cropped jackets and double-breasted designs
  • Inverted triangle (Wide shoulders with narrow hips)
    • Hem at hip length or longer with slight flair/volume to give the illusion of curves
    • Design that makes shoulders look narrower or hips wider
    • Avoid having details and shoulder pads at the top
    • Avoid double-breasted designs or close fits
  • Apple (Waist slightly larger than bust and hips, bust and hips are about equal in size)
    • Choose designs that focus on chest and shoulder area, away from midsection
    • Skims waist and adds curves to hips
    • Choose tailored designs that have slimming effect
    • Avoid cropped and double-breasted designs
  • Rectangle/Newspaper (Similar size bust and hips with undefined waist)
    • Look for designs that create curves above and below the waist
    • Designs with nipped waist or flared hems would be ideal
    • Use double-breasted designs to add bulk to the upper body
    • Textured or detailed fabrics are great for people with this body shape!

Other than those tips for your body proportions, keep in mind that these jackets are for formal wear. That means solid neutral colours (like black, navy, or grey) would be perfect and lessen the need to constantly shop for another jacket to match your outfit. Never choose leather or denim jackets as those are meant more for casual wear. Your jacket should be made from cotton, wool, linen, silk or other blends that are better suited to formal wear.

Formal Wear Jacket Philippines: Fabulously Formal

Look fabulous and feel great with our array of formal wear jackets. Shop for Jacket for Men or Jacket for Women and be the center of attention at your meetings and other formal functions. Only at iprice would you be able to obtain these gorgeous jackets at such affordable prices!

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