If you ever watched How I Met Your Mother, you should know that suits make a man suave and stylish. Grab one that fits you and charm the ladies to no end. Want to know more of what makes a suit the best fit for you, read below!

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Suit Up, Show Up, and Perk Up with Suits from iPrice Philippines

iPrice Philippines - What Makes a Suit Suit You?

A suit is considered and viewed as a set of garments made from the same type of cloth. A set usually consists of at least a jacket and trousers. Typically, lounge suits are the most common of types but in the modern age, suits come in a varied types, cuts, and styles.

The modern suit styles were actually founded during the 18th century industrial revolution that focused more of elaborate embroidery and jewelled clothing. This was changed during the British Regency and into the Victorian era where comfort is focused more and thus gave birth to the modern lounge suits.

Suits nowadays are sold in roughly four different ways. First, the bespoke way which everything of a suit is tailor-made from the garment to the pattern to the choice of fabric. Second, the made-to-measure which a pre-made pattern is modified to fit the customer and only a limited number of selection of fabrics and options is available. Third, ready-to-wear which are sold ready to be tailored. This way is also considered the off-the-peg way. Fourth, suit separates which the jackets and trousers are sold separately, allowing customers to choose sizes best fit for them, This also limits the amount of alterations needed to be made.

iPrice Philippines - Knowing a Suit is Knowing Yourself

When you are purchasing a particular item, you have the tendency to know what it is made out of or what makes everything about it click together. This works particularly with suits. We are going to briefly introduce the parts of a suits so that you can know your suits as good as the next gentleman.

The Cut
This part is basically how the suit is made and viewed. Typically, a suit can come in the double-breasted of single-breasted styles and a suit focuses on the strong tapered sides and minimal shoulder.
The Fabric
The most common fabric of a suit is wool and this is branched into two types; worsteds and woollens. The fabric of a suit vary from weight, softness, flexibility, and durability. The fabric may also come with patterns--most typically pinstripes.
The Jacket
Crucial parts of a suit jacket are the front buttons, lapel, pockets, sleeves, and vents. The front buttons come in two types (single breasted and double breasted), the lapel comes in three (notched, peaked, and shawl), and the pockets usually vary in accordance to the tailor and wearer. The sleeves of a suit jacket typically come in three or four buttons on each cuff and the vents of a suit jacket are the slits in the bottom rear, typically tailored to allow more freedom to movement.
The Waistcoat
A waistcoat or vest is worn as a part of a three-piece-suit. Wearing it had gone out of fashion in the 1970s but came into the spotlight once again in modern times.
The Trousers
The trousers are always made of the same material as the jacket. They vary in different styles and fitting; straight-legged, wide-legged, bottom-tapered. Nowadays, the evolution of a pair of trousers for suits consists of cuffs, pleats, and high-cuts.

iPrice Philippines - To Wear a Suit or Not To Wear a Suit, That is the Question

Athough suits are stylish and suave to wear, they cannot however be worn on any occasion. Unlike Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother, only certain occasions permit the utilization of a suit. A suit is worn typically to grand events for it conveys a respectable image. It should also be worn for formal and professional settings and occasions, like job interviews and meetings. A suit is not considered as a daily wear but in the modern times, you can see high-ranking and highly-respected individuals donning a sharp suit to exude style and professionalism.

It depends greatly on the occasion and setting of a place and time to wear a suit. But we do advice that once you feel the need, go all out. Besides, what woman can resist a man in a tailor-made suit, right?

Now, scroll back up and find a suit that suits you best. Happy Shopping!