Shawls are ideal to be utilised as hijabs which can be incorporated into various styles. Check out the best shawls in the Philippines and click here to learn more about how to keep it clean.


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How to keep your shawl clean

One of the most fashionable accessories that you can own is a shawl as it represents sophistication and elegance. There are different ways women can use it to flaunt their beauty, particularly for Muslim women. It is ideal for any occasion no matter if it is casual or formal. An important aspect of maintaining the quality of a shawl is to clean it properly. Here are some helpful tips to remove those stubborn stains and dirt on your beloved shawl.

Tips to remove stains

In a bucket, pour in light detergent or baby shampoo to wash your shawl. Do be reminded that if the stain is fresh, avoid rubbing it immediately without soaking it in cold water first. On the other hand, if the stain has been there for a couple of days, soak it in the detergent-filled bucket for around five to seven minutes. This is a crucial step as it helps to dissolve any dirty components of the shawl.

It is also advisable that the detergent it left to completely dissolve in water before dipping the shawl. This is because; the concentrated detergent may fade the colour of the shawl. Try avoiding scrubbing your shawl to remove the stains as it will eventually dissolve on its own. After soaking your shawl for five minutes, hold it under running water to wash out the excess detergent. Make sure that you be careful as possible in this step as the weight of the water may possibly alter the texture of the material. So the best way to do so is hold it from the middle section.

Once you have completed the cleaning process, hang the shawl from a bar or wardrobe hanger. To avoid distortions, hang it straight or horizontally with a hanger.

Other factors to keep in mind

If you want the texture and colour of the material to remain intact for years, it is best to soak it in mild soap solution or liquid detergent. Harsh detergents that contain harsh chemicals or bleach might ruin the natural fibre of the shawl. You can opt for a woollen cleaning solution to achieve the best results.

You should avoid washing your shawl in a washing machine as it is more likely to get damaged due to the weight of the water. Moreover, it may damage the natural fibre while the scarf is spinning in the machine.

Shawls are not the same as our clothes and it should not be twisted or squeeze. To rinse it properly, soak it in warm or cold water for a few minutes. There will be traces of soap suds after repeating this step a couple of times.

Thus, you can follow the steps above if you would like your shawls to lasts for years. Moreover, it will help to improve the overall quality and durability.

Do check out local Pinoy hijab brands such as Poplook and Damia Scarves for a range of stylish Muslimah apparel.

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