One of the greatest inventions of clothing, denim is classic yet versatile and can be worn for many occasions. Get the best denim jackets in Malaysia and read more about how you can wash them here.


Ways you can wash your denim jacket

You’ve probably heard many a times that most denim garment does not need to be washed as it may shrink and get damaged. But the key is to not wash them every time you put them on. Here’s how can wash your denim jacket in various ways.

Wash it inside out

One of the best methods of washing denim is to turn it inside out. It will thoroughly prevent the colour of the denim jacket from fading as it does not tamper with the dyes. You may also add reinforcement to the wash by buttoning the jacket from top to bottom.

Wash it with mild and natural detergent

Harsh chemicals are a no-no when it comes to washing denim. This is because; it may potentially damage the cellulose resulting in lossin elasticity, breakages, and pinholes. So make sure you read the label of the detergent before using it.

Utilize a gentle, short cycle

If you plan to use a washing machine for efficiency sake, it is best to set in a gentle, short cycle. Your denim jacket may turn out looking different than the original if you put it on a long cycle. Thus, put it on a short cycle so that it is less at risk of stretching or tearing.

Utilize a cold cycle

Along with a short cycle, it is advisable for you to utilize a cold cycle too. This will ensure that the dye threads in your denim jacket would not bleed or leech out. So that the shade and tone will be still maintained without any wear and tear.


If you have just worn your denim jacket a couple of times, it is best to handwash it. You only need to utilize a small amount of basic detergent and cold water to wash of a small stain. Leave it to soak for at least an hour before rinsing it with more cold water. After that, let the jacket dry on its own preferably in a shaded area.

Spot clean

One of the best options to clean a small stain is to spot clean. There is no need to throw the in the washing machine when you can simply dab the spot with a damp cloth. If the stain is hard to remove, make use of a toothbrush soaked in soap or detergent.

Wash it on its own

Since your denim jacket does not have to be washed very often, it is advisable to take some time to wash it alone. This method really pays off as denim fabric is very sensitive and some jackets come with zippers or rivet. Thus, letting it circulate freely in the washer allows it to be cleaned thoroughly. You may wash it with other denim garments as well.

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