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iPrice Philippines - Stylish and Cutting-Edge High Waist Jeans

High waist jeans are what everyone is donning around these days. From fashion celebrities to movie stars high waist jeans is their ultimate choice to walk down the high fashion streets. You can now jump into the bandwagon and own a pair of high waist jeans to elevate your fashion senses. But before that, we are going to teach you all that you must know about the high waist jeans.

iPrice Philippines - The Jeans For Your Body Type

Women out there come in all types of sizes and shapes. Thus, it is important to know your body shape and learn how to buy the right jeans that flatter your body shape the best.

  • Petite – Naturally high waist jeans add length to your lower body part. Thus, petite women might find the jeans a dream come true as they give an impression of height. However it is important to not pick super high waist jeans as they can overshadow your upper body part.
  • Tall – Those tall women out there should already now that their height is the most important feature that makes them look good in a pair of jeans. Thus, a high waist pair of jeans is a must if you are looking for supermodel effect!
  • Pear – If you are more inclined to carry your weight at your lower abdomen such as hips and thigh, then you should opt for mid-rise skinnies as they would flatter your body shape the most. Remember that your jeans should not draw more attention to your hips.
  • Apple – If your weight is focused more on your midsection, then you should avoid wearing high waist jeans. Mid-rise flares are the best to take cover your tummy and give you a more constructed look.
  • Hourglass – If you are worried that your hourglass figure would not look good in high waist jeans, then you are wrong. There are high waist jeans in the fashion world today that are created with stretchable areas to fit your hourglass figure.

iPrice Philippines - Styling Your High Waist Jeans

  • Make sure that your jeans fit you perfectly. Loose fitting jeans will only make you look bigger.
  • Avoid pairing up your high waist jeans with a bulky top. Don’t forget that the whole idea of high waist jeans is to show your slim waist.
  • When you wear a high waist jeans don’t forget to wear your heels to give you the maximum effect. High waist jeans make you look taller and a pair of flat shoes will only ruin your look.
  • Crop top would be the best pair for high waist jeans. As your jeans cover up your abdomen, stomach and belly, you could keep it simple by choosing a crop top and reveal a little to keep things spiced up.

iPrice Philippines - Buy High Waist Jeans Now

High waist jeans are the right choice if you wish to live a fashionable, simple and fun life. Here at our iprice Philippines online store, your favourite pair of high waist jeans is just a click away.