This piece of clothing is highly versatile and can easily fit all women with any body shape. Jumpsuits have become an important part of today’s fashion because of this exact reason. Read more about jumpsuits in the article here.

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What you Need to Know about Jumpsuits in Philippines

What’s a jumpsuit?

In a nutshell, a jumpsuit, also called a romper, playsuit, or a onesie, is a one-piece garment comprising of a top with sleeves and trousers. This 2-in-1 garment was first produced for parachuters and skydivers to protect their bodies from the cold in high altitudes. Other than skydivers, aviators, skiers, and race car drivers would wear jumpsuits when maneuvering their vehicles or in a competition. Manual workers also use jumpsuits for protective gear as well as prisoners in the United States, high school students in Norway, and university students in Finland and Sweden as a part of their uniforms guideline.

However, due to its versatility and comfort, in modern times jumpsuit has become more of a fashion statement than a functional piece of garment. Sure, athletes still wear jumpsuits or rompers when performing or competing but the garment has now become available to the masses. A jumpsuit is now considered as a fashion staple that any women should own in their wardrobe.

Where can I wear a jumpsuit?

You can wear a jumpsuit or a romper to practically any occasions with the exception of formal or black tie events. During a hot summer day, you can wear a sleeveless romper with shorts on the bottom. There are also short jumpsuits with full-length sleeves if you want to avoid the dreaded tan lines or farmer’s tan. Pair with strappy sandals, wedges, or ballerina flats that are comfortable for you to walk around in.

For semi-formal events like dinner, banquet, or even a wedding, opt for a jumpsuit with long trousers and choose between sleeveless, strapless, or full sleeved rompers. To elevate your jumpsuit, add some accessories like bold necklaces, dangle earrings, wrist cuffs, and hair jewelry. Finish the look off with a pair of pointed, open toe, or strappy heels.

Which jumpsuits are suitable for my body type?

Since you don’t have many options with your trousers and your top when wearing jumpsuits, it’s important that you find the perfect one for your body shape. For pear-shaped ladies with smaller chests and wider hips, look for a jumpsuit that can balance out both areas. Aim for a piece that can accentuate your waists.

Women with the apple shape figure have broad shoulders, narrow waist, and wider hips. The key to looking for a jumpsuit for this body type is to find a piece that will accentuate your legs and point the focus towards your waist. Jumpsuit with an embellishment at the waist like a belt or a sash is preferable.

Those with straight figures, meaning your shoulders, waist, and hips are the same width, should try to create a figure with their jumpsuits. This can be achieved with the help of peplum rompers or any jumpsuit with a decoration around the waist.

Lastly, hourglass figures with a narrow waist, full bust, full hips, and bigger derriere can easily show off their figures with any type of jumpsuits. Go for rompers with a v-cut or scoop necks to show a bit of cleavage and a romper that is tighter around the waist to give an illusion of wider hips and accentuating your hourglass figure.