Ever since it was introduced to the world by founder and tennis legend Rene Lacoste during the 1926 US Open, the polo shirt has become a staple in every wardrobe. Polo shirts are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that any man and woman can own. Find out more about polo shirts below.


The Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Polo Shirts

If you look into your closet, you would probably find at least one or two polo shirts lying around. From sporting attire to leisurewear, you can rely on a polo shirt to make you look good if you wear it right. Despite its versatility, many of us might have committed an occasional faux pas without even realising it. Hence, here are some dos and don’ts that you should take note off when wearing a polo shirt.

Do Feel Free to Tuck or Untuck

There are no specific rules when it comes to wearing a polo shirt. As mentioned above, polo shirts are very flexible apparels, which means that they can be worn either way – tucked or untucked. Tucking will give you a more formal look, especially if you match it with a pair of slacks. However, they can be worn casually as well, in which case they can be untucked. However, if your polo shirt is longer at the back than in the front, then it was designed to be tucked in.

Do Wear One According to Your Height

You should also keep in mind that the polo shirt you plan to wear should correspond to your height. Always remember that the tail of your shirt should not go midway past your buttocks. Not only will it crumple easily when tucked in, it will look ridiculous and oversized if left untucked.

Do Have a Collection Consisting of Core Colours

Like all other apparels, you cannot go wrong by having polo shirts in core colours such as black, white, and dark blue. These colours enable the polo to complement any look effortlessly without being over- or under-dressed. There is nothing wrong about polos with striped patterns or bright colours, but they are more suited for casual occasions and for younger wearers.

Don’t Pop Up Your Collar

Popping up the collar of your polo shirt used to be a trend, but it is long gone (and is unlikely to return anytime soon). Unless it is to protect your neck from the scorching sun, it should otherwise be kept down. Leave the collar-popping to teenagers trying to look cool.

Don’t Wear an Undershirt

The right polo shirt should be form-fitting but not too tight, and just long enough in all the right places. A polo shirt is meant to be worn as a single layer close to the body, therefore you should not wear another top underneath it. An undershirt adds unnecessary bulkiness to your overall look, making you look bigger than you are.

Do Not Wear Polo Shirts with Blazers

Matching a polo shirt with a blazer is never a good idea. No matter the occasion, a blazer always looks better with a dress shirt.

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