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When we dress, we want to look good with hassle-free clothing. We also want to look stylish without being over the top, and yet also able to fit into slightly more formal places without being too casual. What does one do with such requirements? Wear a polo shirt. Polo shirts are versatile, and are one of the perfect ways to describe a smart casual outfit. Read more about them here.

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Polo Shirts - the Classics Never Fade

Before polo shirts were worn by jocks with popped collars at a high school party, polo shirts are a classic garment which are worn by athletes particularly golfers and tennis players. The polo shirt was first worn by legendary tennis player and seven-time Grand Slam champion Rene Lacoste in 1926. He found the stiff tennis attire to be too constricting and uncomfortable so he designed his own shirt made from loosely-knit picque cotton. Its design was unique because of its short sleeve, protruding collar, and a “shirt tail” in which the hem is longer at the back.

What makes a Polo Shirt Different

A polo shirt is different in so many ways compared to a traditional tee or shirt. The first difference that you would notice is the fabric. A polo shirt is made from jersey-knit picqued cotton which gives it a distinct texture and makes it more durable. Another difference between a normal shirt and a polo shirt are the sleeves. Polo shirts have short cuffed sleeves which prevent it from rolling up or down. Polo shirts also have collars with two or three buttons down which can be fastened or loosened. However, the most recognizable feature of a polo shirt is the tennis tail in which the back hem is longer than the front. This classic garment is great for the summer when a coat and tie is too hot, or if you want to look smart and casual.

Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Polo Shirts

Today, you don’t have to be a seven-time Grand Slam champion to wear a polo shirt; you don’t even have to be an athlete to be able to sport one! Though it can be a little bit tricky, pulling off a look with a polo shirt is definitely worth the effort. Here are some do’s and don'ts of wearing a polo shirt:


  • Do wear an undershirt that’s not too tight nor too lose; just the right size and fit for your body.
  • Do wear polo shirts if you want to look smart and casual.
  • Do wear polo shirts with minimalist designs and avoid logos that are too big.


  • When wearing a polo shirt, never wear an undershirt since this type of garment is not made to be worn with one.
  • Don’t wear a polo shirt that’s too long for your body. Make sure that the tail doesn’t cover your buttocks entirely.
  • Don’t pop your collar unless you are planning to protect your neck from the sun.
  • Never wear a polo shirt with a blazer. If you want to wear one, then stick to dress shirts.

Thankfully nowadays, everybody can wear a polo shirt. Because of its classic style and comfort, it is an ideal garment for vacationers and adventurers with a passion for style. Check out the hottest polo shirts online from the biggest brands at iPrice!

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