More than just a protection against water and wind, the practical raincoat can be worn fashionably as well. Read about stylish raincoats here.


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Raincoats : Keeping You Look Stylish & Dry At The Same Time

I hope you packed your raincoat darlin' - Yonder Blue by Christine Lavin

When the rain falls, it is normal and practical to don your raincoat to protect yourself from the chilly rain and wind that can cause you to fall sick. After the rain has stopped, it seems that your raincoat now loses its purpose as you see that there is no point for you to wear it anymore. As the raincoats are being perceived as bulky and uninspired, people tend to bring raincoats for specific purposes rather than pairing it with other fashionable pieces in order to create stylish look.

Recently, raincoats come back into picture again as they are being increasingly feature in many fashion magazines, lookbooks, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, movies and others. Not only we have more fashionable raincoats that are better designs, but also being more inspired and versatile pieces as well. In other words, the raincoats are becoming more relevant than ever as competing fashion brands try to incorporate more novel innovations that transform the ubiquitous raincoats into exceptional fashion pieces.

Let The Rain Fall Over Your Fabulous Raincoat

As an easily observable piece that overshadows your body, the raincoat obviously forms the large part of your overall appearance. Getting more versatile than ever, the raincoats allow you to be stylish in many ways that you did not expect to be possible. Before getting a raincoat, you can always look around before deciding to get a raincoat that truly expresses your inner style. While it might be cliché, the trench coat can be said to be a totally different kind of a raincoat.

Being featured in popular culture such as movies, novel, shows and others, the trench coat proves to be legendary as it still remains as an enduring design that stands against the test of time. Truly simple, the surprisingly plain-looking trench coat proves to be formidable as its neutral style allows to pair easily with other fashion pieces without much trouble and worry. At the same time, wearing trench coat can display the subtle power of elegance and grace that is not easily attainable from other raincoats.

Popular Raincoat Brands That You Should Check

The iconic Mackintosh raincoats are famous because they are made out of rubberized fabric. When they were introduced by Mackintosh at that time, Mackintosh raincoats were some of the most effective raincoats that existed at that time. Eventually, the Mackintosh raincoats have been copied by many as they have became mainstream in their own rights. Despite this, the genuine Mackintosh raincoats are still very popular as they are very durable yet stylish pieces that can make the real difference. In addition, many people love Mackintosh raincoats because they are really comfortable and you will experience it even more when facing the chilly wind and rain at the same time.
Founded in 2010, Stutterheim can be said to be a young brand that manufactures beautiful yet functional raincoat designs. Do not despise its youth because it has served Stutterheim well in crafting awesome raincoat designs that are not usually found in the mainstream market. Boasting simple designs, the Stutterheim raincoats are actually handmade as you can observe such high level of dedication and labor that are being poured into making them. Such craftsmanship means you can enjoy the simplicity of comfort and style that these Stutterheim raincoats can bring.

Looking Chic & Cool While Beating The Chilly Wind & Rain With Raincoat

There is always more than one reason for you to get a raincoat as you can always wear it even when it has not rained yet. Its potential in enhancing your own appearance should not be disregarded as wearing raincoat gives you plenty of options for you to build the overall appearance that suits you. When you are wearing a raincoat, you do not need to bring your umbrella which can be uncomfortable when you are walking around while holding the umbrella awkwardly. Thanks to raincoat, you can always look stylish when you are walking confidently under the rain. If you want to look stylish in wild and dangerous style, you should take a look at the passionate parkas.