Whenever we pick an outfit, we go for the shirt first. The wide variety of shirts at our disposal means we have hundreds of combinations to dress in. Here are some styles of shirts you need in your closet.

Plain Shirts
Flannel Shirts
Denim Shirts
Plaid Shirts
Dress Shirts
Print Shirts

You’ve Gotta Have These Shirt Styles

Shirts form the base to every outfit. A shirt is a type of clothing that everyone is likely to have. Whether it was purchased or given as a gift, each shirt serves an important purpose. Shirts are exclusive to both genders – shirts developed for men and women are different. This is due to the difference in anatomy (although some shirts are unisex). With the evolution of shirts through different eras and generations, we now recognize shirts as clothing with collars and buttons along the centre of it.

Long-sleeved shirt

If you want class and finesse, this is your shirt type. Long sleeve shirts are the most common form of shirts available in the market. Sporting a style that has not changed much since the discovery of the first shirt, the long-sleeved shirt allows for flexibility and good looks. You get to choose from variations for men and women.

Formal Shirts

We choose our shirts based on the type of event or environment we are heading to. For formal events, we’ve got the blessing of formal shirts. Formal dress shirts usually long-sleeved and have a stiff collar. These days, you can find short-sleeved formal shirts too! Formal shirts are ideal for both professional men and women.

Polo Shirts

You want to feel comfortable in every activity. Polo shirts provide you sufficient comfort and relaxed feel. Polo shirts are also made for sports and fast-paced activity. If the shirt is characterised by identical buttons from the collar to just below the chest. Most polo shirts are made of cotton or wool, giving you the cool feel. Some Polo shirts are made of polyester material. Just like other shirts, Polo shirts are available both for men and women.

Printed Shirts

If you don’t like plain, white coloured shirts, you will love printed shirts. Printed shirts are the new in-thing nowadays. They are fast becoming a trend thanks to the media and fashionistas who campaign for them. Printed shirts can add to the relaxed atmosphere and are flexible to be worn for semi-formal to formal occasions.

Plaid Shirt

Want the lumberjack look? Get a plaid shirt! Keeping up with the hipster trend, the checkered shirt look is what the plaid shirt is all about. Checkered shirts are perfect for the casual to semi-formal attire styles. You can get a variety of colour variants ranging from single colours to bright, loud colour styles. Plaid shirts are available for men and women.

Sleeveless Shirts

Although sleeveless shirts are more popular for women, men also have their variants. Considering how our country has a tropical climate that gets hotter during the dry season, you want to have a few sleeveless shirts. Typically, men tend to have sleeveless shirts to show off some muscle and give an ego boost. Women, on the other hand, wear sleeveless shirts to show some skin and attract a little more attention.

Flannel shirt

In recent years, the flannel shirt has become a trend especially among young people in big cities. This type of shirt is easy to distinguish because the base material is flannel. Flannel shirts tend to be used during the rainy season or in areas with cold weather because the flannel material tends to be warm and thick. You would see more flannel being worn overseas rather than here in Philippines.