Stylish, trendy, and comfortable, dress shirts are perfect for all occasions! Both men and women can rock a great outfit with the hottest dress shirts in the Philippines! Check out the hottest brands online or read more about how to rock the perfect outfit with a dress shirt below.

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Dress Shirt Style Tips for Men and Women

What dress shirts for men might be different from women. The term "dress shirts" was first used to describe tops for men with long sleeves, button-up front, and a sports collar. This type of garment is mostly worn with a coat exclusively for suit-and-tie events and office attire. However, as time progressed, dress shirts became more flexible and are later worn in casual events.

Women too have enjoyed the comfort and style offered by dress shirts. Instead of a top, Dress shirts for women are made to look like dresses while keeping the elements of a traditional dress shirt. Regardless of whether for men or women, dress shirts are comfortable garments that everyone can wear on any occasion. Here are some great tips that would help you rock an outfit with a dress shirt:

Tips for Men

For men, dress shirts are most commonly worn in the office or during formal events, however, it can also be worn during casual meetings and get-togethers. Here are some great tips for wearing dress shirts for men:

  • Find a dress shirt with a good fit and according to your size. Make sure that the dress shirt is not too tight nor too loose.
  • Choose a dress shirt according to fabric. Cotton is great for heat and moisture conduction, smoothness, and durability. Though man-made fibers like polyester are affordable, it is better to stick to at least 50% natural threads.
  • Choose a dress shirt according to colors and patterns. White is the most dominant dress shirts because of its flexibility and you can never go wrong with wearing white. However, patterned dress shirts such as stripes and checks add personality to your outfit.
  • If you are going to wear a necktie, make sure that it is proportion to your body. Make sure that it is long enough to reach your belt buckle.
  • One trend when wearing dress shirts for men is folding or cuffing your sleeves. It is trendy and it gives a casual touch to your all-professional dress shirt outfit.

Tips for Women

Unlike men's, dress shirts for women are more casual, relaxed, and fun. It is fashioned more as a dress than as a top, so you have the freedom to style it as you see fit. Here are some great tips on how to rock a dress shirt for women:

  • Always accessorize your dress shirt and match it to your outfit. One popular option is to wear long necklaces with bold pendants as well as bracelets to match.
  • Shoes are also important when creating an #OOTD with a dress shirt. If you want to look more professional, you can wear heels or if you want to look more casual, sports shoes would go a long way.
  • Belts and dress shirts always go together. If you want to add shape to your waist, sport thin belt to accentuate your curves.

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