Plaid shirts are making a comeback in Philippines. Today, you can find a huge variety of plaid shirts right here on iprice with amazing prices. Find out more here.

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Plaid shirts in Philippines

The recent influx of Hipster fashion has brought retro styles back in fashion. Among them, plaid shirts have made a huge comeback. Plaid shirts, sometimes called checked or flannel shirts, are shirts that are made of cotton or wool and have a checked squares pattern on them. In Philippines, plaid shirts have a large following with the new ‘Lumbersexual’ look. We’ll look more at the Lumbersexual in a bit, but for now, let’s talk about Plaid shirts in Philippines. Plaid shirts can be found online at the cheapest prices only at iprice. Take a look at the best in plaid shirts in Philippines above or find out more with the links below.

Plaid shirts and the Lumbersexual

If you don’t know what Lumbersexual style is, it is basically a hipster-themed fashion that incorporates plaid shirts with skinny jeans, sneakers or leather boots, a vest and a pompadour hairdo. Very often, this look is for the men – many of whom have thick beards along with studs in their ears. The Lumbersexual look epitomizes masculinity as a fashion. We see this trend rife all over the world, particularly in the west. Men have taken on plaid shirts as part of their wardrobe again. You can find plaid shirts for men online.

Women love plaid shirts

It’s not just men who use plaid fashion. Ladies love their plaid too! The beauty of plaid shirts is that women can wear men’s plaid shirts too. You don’t have to worry about them being oversized as you could use them as a flowing top to match you jeans. Throw on a pair of your sneakers or heels and you’re good to go. Don’t forget to pair your bling (earrings and bracelets to go along. If you’re going for the farmer girl look, put on a hat and a scarf around your neck to add aesthetics. You can find plaid shirts for women online.

Plaid shirt styles

Here are styles plaid shirts can be worn for both men and women

  • Plaid and overalls – pairing a jumpsuit with a plaid shirt and converse shoes signals playfulness
  • Plaid and leather – plaid shirts go perfectly with anything leather. Leather boots, leather vests, leather hats are all part of the look.
  • Plaidback look – plaid shirts, when unbuttoned and thrown over a t-shirt + skinny jeans ensemble can give a laidback look. Perfect for casual days.
  • Plaid tie-around – long sleeved plaid shirts can be tied around your waist for later use or just a simple fashion. This style is perfect for the ladies.

Purchase plaid shirts online

Plaid shirts make awesome outerwear. Get all your plaid shirts at discounted prices in Philippines right here on iprice. Compare prices and check out the various styles available without any hassle today. Happy shopping!

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