Do you know that no other shorts can do summer better than a khaki shorts? Read on to find out how here.

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iPrice Philippines - Khaki Shorts: The casual replacement for denim during summer

When the heat index rises, there is no way in hell you want to cover your legs in a pair of denim or even chinos unless you want your legs to be in its own sauna. Denim cutoffs, one of the trendier option only looks good for those below 20 and there is just something not right with cargo shorts and their utility pockets hanging on your things. If you think you have nothing left, you must be forgetting something. And the only reason you forgot about the khaki shorts is because this is a pair of comfort that is a fashion staple! No matter when the sun is up or when the sun is down, you need a pair of khaki shorts in your wardrobe.

iPrice Philippines - Khaki shorts: how it all started

Before we talk more about the different styling ways, it’s always nice to know how it all started. Khaki’s humble beginning started off the uniform for the fighting man – cool, comfortable, rugged pants that could look sharp, allow for mobility and their many adventures. Khaki pants are a type trousers made with a 100% cotton twill fabric. Most people might call them ‘chinos’ which is not 100% wrong for technically ‘khaki’ is a colour (light-brown drab) while chinos are a style of pants, making khaki a brown coloured chinos.

The reason for 2 different names for that one same thing is basically because it was it was emerged in two different but related places – The British and American military.

iPrice Philippines - Khaki shorts: Why they are a style staple

  1. Compared to the jeans, khaki shorts are way easier to wear. When jeans are stiff, tightly woven, heavy and hot in the summer, khaki shorts are soft, lightweight, comfortable and cooler.
  2. Khaki shorts are more versatile than your favourite pair of denim – while both can be worn with anything casual, t-shirts and whatnot, khaki allows you to go a step further, allowing you to enter the world of formality in them.
  3. Sleeping in your khaki shorts is just as comfortable as going commando but no one in their right mind would want to sleep in their jeans. It’s just like saying goodbye to your sleep.

iPrice Philippines - Khaki shorts: How to wear it

For the Gents

  • Look 1 – Easiest look to pull off is to pair your shorts with a polo shirt. The footwear is basically anything else that you have, flip-flops, or sneakers. Throw in a pair of shades to your look for the cool vibe.
  • Look 2 – A short sleeved button down shirt, a pair of loafers or a boat shoe and pair of sunglasses, the most classic, vintage look. Add a snapback for a more street style look.

For the Ladies

  • Look 1 – A khaki shorts, a white tee, loosely tucked in and the most minimal accessories, a hat and a long necklace – a never go wrong look.
  • Look 2 – Add a long vest over a white tank top and you’ve got yourself a boho outfit, fit for Coachella.
  • Look 3 – Layering a black sweater over a striped shirt and a khaki shorts makes a great transitional outfit for fall.

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