The skater skirt is an edgy, comfortable, feminine, and versatile garment for women. Varying in different lengths, colors, fabric, and designs, the skater skirt is a fashion essential that every girls should have in their closet. Scroll down below for the best skater skirt online or click here to learn about different ways to wear a skater skirt.

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Keep it Street and Edgy with the Best Skater Skirt Online

A skater skirt is a type of garment which instead of a traditional skirt cut, a skater skirt features a circular fabric where a hole is cut to fit the waist. Since it doesn’t have cuts and hems, the skater skirt provides natural draping from the waist down, giving the wearer a cute and feminine look. While some people consider skater skirts as a modern trend, it was actually first conceptualized in 1947 by then 25-year-old Juli Charlot. Charlot wanted to make a garment for a holiday in Los Angeles, but since she can’t sew, she cut a circular fabric and cut a hole in the middle, creating the first skater skirt in history.

Why buy a skater skirt

  • Anybody can wear a skater skirt. Whether you are petite, thin, voluptuous, or plus-size, a skater skirt would look absolutely stunning on your body.
  • A skater skirt is a versatile and flexible garment. You can wear it with anything that makes you comfortable. You can wear it with a basic top, a blouse, as well as any type of shoe and still look fabulous.
  • A skater skirt has many variations to choose from. You can choose from a diverse set of skater skirt with different lengths, designs, colors, and fabric.
  • A skater skirt adds femininity to your outfit. You can rock your cool, edgy streetwear, and still look fabulous!

Fabulous ways to wear a skater skirt

The best thing about owning a skater skirt is that you can wear it in more ways you can imagine! It is a flexible garment designed to add charm to any of your #OOTD. Regardless of your body type, shape, and proportions, you can rock that skater skirt with these fabulous tips:

  • When it comes to choosing your skater skirt, stick to the basic neutral colors like black or brown to make it more flexible when mixing and matching with your other garments and accessories.
  • Contrast textures with a cool outerwear garment like a cardigan or a leather jacket to give your look variety.
  • Show your sexy side by wearing a crop top with a skater skirt. Pair it with a set of heels or booties to maximize your look.
  • You can also keep it simple by wearing a basic top and some flats on your skater skirt.

Shop for skater skirts online

Keep your closet cute, trendy, and flexible with a skater skirt! It is a fashionable garment that every girl must have. You can put it on, wear your blouse or your basic tee and still look stunning for the day! Shop for your favorite skater skirts here or browse for your favorite brands such as Choies, Nine2Five, Something Borrowed, Tres Fancy and so much more!

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