Want to jazz up your style but don’t know how to? Why don’t you try out the fabulous and beautiful tulle skirt? Here, you can find different types of tulle, long or short that would surely suit your style. Know more here.

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Tulle Skirts Philippines: For the ballerina in you

Tulle Skirts Philippines: Don’t be a tulle, but be fabulous in a tulle

Unless you have been living under the rock, you would know surely know who Carrie Bradshaw is. She is a character that is known for many things, from Cosmopolitans to her relationship problems. But when it comes to fashion, she is probably the style icon that is known for bring life back to the tulle skirt or more commonly known as the tutu skirt. Although it has been some time since Sex and the City ended, but fashionistas, bloggers, and It-girls everywhere are channelling their muse, the sassy, fabulous Carrie Bradshaw and finding fresh new ways of wearing tulle skirt. Want to create your own style? Then get your tulle skirt from Strawberry Flower, Quintess, Snowfluff and Candy Rain only at iprice.

Tulle Skirts Philippines: Taking the fashion world by storm

Guess what, the day has finally come. The tulle skirt has stepped out of the ballet room and stepped in with a huge impact in the fashion industry. You don’t have to be a ballerina, princess or a fairy to whirl around town in this beautiful trend. Oh, being a child under the age of 5 is no longer a requirement too for now, the tulle style is exclusively for the grown up fashionistas.

A tulle skirt is usually worn when a women wants more volume on her skirt. Made from the fabric called tulle, the tulle skirt is usually sewn by hand as the fabric can get caught up in the sewing machine which will cause it to tear or worse. This skirt is available in many different forms and lengths – bubble, ruffled, straight and maxi, midi and mini. Styling it might not be a walk in the park as it is not a slimming skirt, so finding a flattering length is the key. It is also not so work friendly (unless you work in the fun fashion industry) and a big no no when entering the kiddie zone. But don’t let this stop you from unleashing your inner Carrie Bradshaw with the beautiful tulle skirt.

Tulle Skirts Philippines: How to style your tulle skirt

Thanks to the blogosphere, modboards, lookbooks and Pinterest and all their trendsetting residents, this ultra-feminine tulle skirt is saying goodbye to its fussy connotations to say hello to an unquestionably chic day-to-night piece. Don’t believe us? Here we have listed down some en pointe looks to prove it.

  1. Dress up the skirt’s playful and girlish roots with the all so feminine details like polka-dot crop sweater, statement necklace and a pair of bow-bedecked heels.
  2. Flannel shirts is not only for picnics and barbeques. Pair it up with a tulle skirt for an unexpected style with edge.
  3. When the temperature is dropping, you can always finish your tulle skirt style with a turtle neck top with ankle booties for a classic girly look.
  4. Tulle skirt is not all soft, feminine and daity. Add a little element of surprise and edge to your ensemble with a crop top, leather jacket and a pair of stilettos.
  5. Even if you are not practicing the en pointe, you can still rock that modern day ballerina look with a full tulle skirt, a tight top, ballerina flats and a beautiful high bun.

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