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Robes in Philippines

Sexy, sleep, comfort, luxury – what do all these words have in common? They all describe our favourite type of sleepwear, robes. More popular in movies, robes (bathrobes or sleepwear robes) are fast becoming popular among us in Philippines. Robes in Philippines seem to be a symbol of luxury and class, but did you know that they also give the highest levels of comfort and care as you put them on? Wear them after a shower or before you tuck in at night, it’s up to you. Today, you could get sleepwear and robes in Philippines online with iprice. Just browse the products above or find out more with the links below.

What are robes?

Robes are basically sleepwear or bath-wear that is worn over your body, sometimes with nothing underneath. There are robes both for bath and sleep. Bath robes are made from the same material as your bath towel, whereas sleeping robes are made from silk or linen. A robe consists of a long, flowing coat-like clothing that sometimes has a hoodie attached to it. Soft and cuddly, robes are perfect to wear after shower or after a dip in the pool.

Robes as sexy sleepwear

We’ve all seen movies where the woman wears a bathrobe with nothing underneath after her shower or before she gets in bed with the hero. This touch of sexiness is what robes are about. Robes come in a variety of fabric types. Most are made from cotton and wool-weaved fibres or even flannel. Cotton robes are more for comfort. For a kinky feel, there are silk robes worn over seductive lingerie. Silk robes were made for the bedroom and they help spice up roleplay while adding a steamy side of flirtatious teasing. Slip one on and you’ll be as seductive as ever. You’ll make any man or woman fall for you.

Robes, particularly bathrobes, also function as clothing to keep you dry. After a warm shower, grab your bathrobe and put it on. Instantly, it dries up all the moisture on your body much like a towel does. You can even wear it outside the bathroom if you need to move around, without dripping all over your carpet.

Robes for everyone

Robes were not just made for adults. There are comfy robes for kids as well. Each with its own design of cute, cuddly fashions. Check out robes for kids with rabbit designs, little ears on the back of the hoodies. The signature colours for robes for kids are blue for boys and pinks for girls. For more neutral colours, get white or black.

Robes in Philippines are generally hard to find. Not many retail outlets sell robes, particularly bathrobes. If there are, they usually come with a heavy price tag. Don’t worry, now you can buy robes online at a fraction of the cost. Robes at iprice give you a huge selection to choose from, some of which are discounted. So what are you waiting for? Shop on iprice for robes and you can save big bucks.