Basketball jerseys are comfortable and are now even worn as fashion pieces. To find out how you should be wearing your jerseys, find out more here!


Basketball Jersey Dos and Don’ts in the Philippines

Basketball jerseys can range from affordable to expensive depending on material and brand. Sometimes, you can even get your jerseys customized with your own name and favourite number or you can even opt to have one dedicated to your favourite basketball player. Incredibly lightweight, comfortable, and brightly-coloured, basketball jerseys are typically worn for sports but are nowadays even used as a fashion piece. However, there are certain guides and rules to abide when it comes to wearing your basketball jerseys to make a fashion statement.

Please Don’t Tuck It In

Professional basketball players are required to tuck their jerseys in due to game and professional regulations set in accordance to most sports leagues. Tucking in their jerseys during game time has a correlation to performance and also prevents injuries from happening. However, if you’re not wearing your jersey to a tournament or to play basketball, then you shouldn’t tuck it in. Jerseys are casual attire and if you don’t tuck your t-shirt in or your polo t-shirts in, then you shouldn’t be tucking in your jerseys too!

Getting a Jersey That Fits

Jerseys that are too large can be unflattering but in the case of basketball jerseys, it is typically worn a size up. However, if you’re a size M, please don’t go and get one that is XXL. When you wear a jersey that is obviously too big, it won’t seem like the jersey belongs to you – which makes the purchase unjustifiable. If you are certain your jersey would be mainly worn as a fashion piece, try to get one that fits.

Knowing When It’s Jersey Appropriate

Jerseys are considered casual wear so there is a time and place to wear them out. While they can cost up to a few thousand pesos for a jersey, it doesn’t automatically make them appropriate to a nicer dinner or bar setting. The only appropriate times to sport your jersey is when you are heading to a game, going to a sports bar, a sporting event, a jersey-themed party, or to outdoor events and festivals. Also, if you are going to wear your jersey to a game, avoid wearing a completely unrelated jersey. In other words, don’t show up in a jersey of a team that isn’t playing in the game that you are planning on attending.

Pairing With the Right Pair of Shoes

Shoes matter in almost every situation. This means that knowing what shoes should or should not be worn with your jerseys is important. Usually, flip-flops are acceptable but avoid (at all cost) to wear them if you are already pairing your jerseys with a pair of jeans. For the sneakerheads, you might think that sneakers are the full-proof way of matching your jerseys. But this is only true if they are a fresh pair. So, avoid those worn out dirty running shoes you probably have lying around.

Wanting to get matching jerseys with your significant other? There is also a selection of basketball jerseys for women available too!

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