Wearing the right sports apparel will not only improve your workout performance but also allowing your body to move comfortably in it. To perform better on the volleyball court, get the best sports apparel with volleyball jerseys in the Philippines. Check out below and learn the best ways you can maintain it.


How to take care of your Jersey apparel

It is not necessary for you to be athletic to own a jersey as many sports fan buy it either to support their favourite team or wear it as a symbol of luck in hopes of their team winning. Purchasing an authentic volleyball jersey in the Philippines can be an investment as it might increase in value as time passes. To be deemed suitable to be sold in the future, it is best to properly maintain them. Here are ways you can take care of your Jersey apparel.

How to wash your jersey?

Your jersey will eventually shrink or stretch after multiple washes. However, there are ways of preventing it from happening. The ideal water temperature to wash your jersey should be cool even if it is lightly stained. Only wash you jersey with lukewarm water if it is heavily stained. For the stains to be effectively removed, the washing machine should not be overly filled. This is because; it will cause the jersey to crease along with the other garments. As a rule of thumb, always separate the whites from the coloured garments, as the colours may bleed. You would not want your jersey to come out looking like an artwork after the wash.

Another tip you can follow by is to wash your jersey with other jerseys. Alternatively, you may use towels if you do not own any other jerseys. Placing your jersey in the machine alone will just cause it to float to the top, without being cleaned thoroughly.

How to dry your jersey?

To prevent your jersey from shrinking, it is best to avoid using a tumble dryer. The best way to dry your jersey is to pull your garment in its original shape and then dry it flat. On the other hand, you can line-dry your jersey. To keep it in its original shape as much as possible, line-dry it in a shaded area. The good thing is that jerseys are made with materials that can dry fast. Furthermore, drying in the shade can also avoid the colours on your jersey from becoming too faded. Moreover, you can ideally remove the creases on your jersey by line-drying it with a hanger instead of just hanging it over the line.

You should always avoid ironing your jersey because the high temperature will possibly burn a hole in it. However, if you still prefer your jersey to be entirely crease-free, use the iron on a low temperature along with a press cloth.

How to mend your jersey?

Most jerseys are made with stretchy fabric, so it’s best to use a stretch stitch with a matching thread to mend it. To ideally stitch small holes, you can work across the hole on the back of the fabric by utilizing small stitches and a matching thread.

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