Sunglasses portray a person’s mood and overall personality. Given the influx of sunlight in the Philippines, you need a pair of sunnies. Check out the best sunglasses online from the biggest brands or find out here about the many types of sunglasses.

Aviator Sunglasses
Round Sunglasses

4 Types of Sunglasses You Need to Look Suave

You know what’s cool? Sunglasses! Sunglasses are a category of accessories that everyone needs to have. When sunglasses were first introduced to the world, they were for the sole purpose of making life more comfortable when outdoors, while protecting your eyes from the sun’s damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. Since long-term exposure to UV rays can be extremely harmful as it can damage the eye’s surface and its internal structures. But that was so yesterday! Today, sunglasses are the greatest way to add that ‘oh so suave’ look to your style. Here are 4 types of sunglasses you need to upgrade your classy fashion.


The term “Aviator” gives the impression of flying or piloting. That’s true – Aviators evolved from the aviation industry. If you’ve watched Top Gun, you notice Tom Cruise donning a pair of Ray-Ban aviators before flying his F14 Tomcat. The movie made everyone want to go out and buy a pair. Made as the official sunglasses for pilots, aviators took to high-street fashion in the 80s and is still strong today. The biggest brands of Aviator sunglasses are Ray-Ban and Police.

Wayfarer Sunglasses

Another name that suggests an activity is Wayfarer. As the name denotes, Wayfarer sunglasses are made for the beach. From a culture of surf and beach bums the Wayfarer variation of sunglasses was created for maximum protection from the sun.

These timeless frames were made to look cool and trendy when summer comes around. With the Philippine all-year-round summer, you know you want a pair on your face. The beauty of Wayfarers is that they come in a huge variety of colours and frames. You can even get different sizes for each face.

Shield Sunglasses

If you’ve ever gone skiing, skydiving, or any other type of extreme sports, you would have seen (or even tried on) a pair of shield sunglasses. Shield sunglasses are sleek, futuristic-looking eyewear that caters to the energetic, fast paced activity that extreme sportsmen and women love. They come in a variety of funky, loud colours such as neon orange, green, turquoise, blue, or even red. Sometimes you get frames that match the lenses. The frame of shield sunglasses wraps around your head for added protection from wind and debris.

More fashionable shield sunglasses are made by the biggest brands in the fashion industry. Try looking out for shield sunglasses in Gucci, Prada, and Tom Ford. Those that dominate high fashion are a little different from those used in sports. Fashion shield sunglasses are larger and mostly come in darker shades with larger frames. Shield sunglasses are more popular among women’s fashion.

Lennon Sunglasses (Round Sunglasses)

Much like the other variants of sunglasses out there, Lennon sunglasses have some background to them. Coined after the iconic Beatles singer, John Lennon, these sunnies are a touch of vintage classiness. Made much like Harry Potter’s eyewear, Lennon sunglasses are circle-shaped and completely symmetrical. Looking from the front, you portray a view of being balanced, trimmed, and precise in your looks. These are the ultimate Hipster sunglasses these days.