You are strolling along the shores of Bora-bora beach enjoying the sea breeze, and you could feel the soft velvety sand under your feet. What else comes in your mind right now? Yes! Swimwear! Beach vacations are just not complete without a proper swimwear. Click here to learn more about swimwear


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Swim In Style

Swimwear is not just something that you could throw over your body when you hit the beach anymore. Today it has become more than that. Swimwear has become a fashion statement that every girl and guy should own. You may be going with your friends for a beach getaway, on a honeymoon or even to do a few laps at the nearest swimming pool, the first thing that you pack before you leave would be a perfect swimwear. Definitely something sexy and comfortable that brings out the confidence in ladies and something stylish for the guys to show off their lean muscles.

Perfect Swimwear For You

So here you are excited to go to the beach to soak yourself underwater and bask under the sun. However before you plan to get a swimwear for yourself, it is important to consider the best swimwear that suits your activity, need and body figure. Probably some of you out there would be cringing at the very idea of flashing yourself in a skimpy bikini. Fret not because there are a few types of swimwear that we are sure would fit you perfectly well!

  • One-piece – This swimsuit is perfect if you are not comfortable revealing too much of your skin. This type of swimsuit could also be used if you are heading for a swim as part of your routine exercise or a vigorous swimming activity.
  • Bikini – For those who wants to add up the spice and sexiness during your weekend getaway, this is the one you should opt. This swimsuit is what you need to flaunt your sexy curves and hourglass figure.
  • Tankini – As you can assume, this swimwear is inspired by tank top. A fusion of tank top and classic swimwear, tankini is the best choice if you want to reveal a small gap between belly button and hips.
  • Swim briefs – This swimwear catered for men is made from nylon and spandex composite. Cool and simple, those laid back guys out there would definitely love to be in this swimwear.
  • Trunks – This swimwear for men are the most popular one today. Casual and stylish at the same time, trunks is the perfect choice if you want to swim comfortably or just hang out by the beach side.

We Offer What You Need

Probably now you would have an idea of the right type of swimwear that fits you. Well, what are you waiting for? Here at iPrice, we offer the best swimwear from the top brands around the world such as Ralph Lauren, Emprada and Gusto & Elan. Have fun shopping!