Ready for a day at the beach? Sexify your look with the right swim shorts from iprice in Singapore. Find the perfect fit at the best prices available for you today. Just browse the products below or find out more here.Sexify your look with the right swim shorts from iprice in the Philippines. Find the perfect fit at the best prices available for you today. Just browse the products below or find out more here.


Cover your booty with the perfect swim shorts in Philippines

It’s always summer in Philippines and swimming is one of the best sports anyone can do. Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just stay active, swimming gives you that total body workout you need to be fit. Unfortunately, you can’t swim in your regular attire. That’s why you need the right swim shorts. Swim shorts in Philippines usually come in all shapes and sizes. So how do you pick the right one? Let us at iprice show you the right way to find the most suitable swim shorts at the cheapest prices just for you. Get going by shopping online for cheap and affordable swim shorts in Philippines. Follow the links below to find out more or browse the products above.

Swim shorts for everyone!

So you’re looking for swim shorts? No problemo! Let iprice give you some tips on how you can maximise shopping for swim shorts. Don’t stop at window shopping, go all the way and get the perfect pair of swimwear that fits your physique.

The right swim shorts for men and women

One question pops up when shopping for swim shorts – How do I choose the right swim shorts? First things first, let’s simplify it with 2 basic rules:

  1. Board shorts, speedos or trunks for men
  2. Bikini bottoms and tights

You can’t go wrong with these two rules as guidelines for choosing the right swim shorts or even swimwear in general. In addition, always remember to customize your swim shorts with your body type, the activity you’re participating in and the overall comfort it provides.

Swim shorts for men

Alright guys, time to get sexy! There are 3 main types of swim shorts for men – trunks, speedos and board shorts. Take your pick.


Trunks are the default swim shorts for any guy. Trunks are pretty much like boxer shorts, but they come with water resistant material. Casual and perfect for swimming, chilling at the beach or lake, or for pool party attire, trunks signal a mood for casual playfulness.


Speedos are swimming briefs with very little fabric. Looking much like a thong except with more fabric at the backside, these sexy clothing will definitely attract attention. With minimal drag speedos are ideal for professional swimming. Square cuts are also tight swimwear but fit around our waist without too much exposure. You’ll definitely remember a scene in James Bond (Casino Royale) where Daniel Craig wears his square cut trunks walking at the beach. If you want something try jammers. Jammers are tights made for swimming, surfing and other water sports.

Board shorts

Board shorts are extremely popular in modern day swimwear. Originating from surf culture, board shorts make it easy to dress down. Although board shorts look better on a taller person, there are board shorts for everyone.

Swim shorts for women

Ladies, swimwear are often times our go-to sexy outfits. Therefore it is imperative that we choose the right one.

Bikini bottoms and tights

The epitome of sensual clothing comes in the form of bikinis. Bikini bottoms are made to show curves and accentuate feminine beauty. Another feature of bikini bottoms is that most pairs come with matching tops. A simple solution to our swimwear. Like speedos, bikini bottoms also reduce drag when swimming due to minimal fabric area.

Tights wrap neatly around your waist and thighs to give you a slim look while reducing drag. Perfect for surfing, paddle boarding and any other water sports you can think of.

Tips for choosing women’s swimwear:

  • Cutting of bikini/ bikini bottom
  • High cut or low cut – high cut gives a bolder look while low cut reveals more skin
  • High-waisted has more coverage as opposed to low-waisted
  • Loose draping fabric – perfect if you’re trying to cover your tummy/ love handles
  • Patterns – striped, dotted, multi-coloured, beaded, tassels, fringes, lacy, bows, ribbons (bold patterns like zig-zags draw attention to areas that you place it on (bust or waist))

Shopping for swim shorts the modern way – Online Shopping

Whatever style of swim shorts you choose, you can’t go wrong with iprice’s selection of swimwear online. Browse through shorts for men or shorts for women to get the right cut, patterns, colours and sizes to suite your physique. Look sexy in the best swim shorts found in Philippines. Happy Shopping!