T-shirts are the one type of everyday wear that will never be out of trend, not now, not ever! This amazing piece of clothing is a casual staple for everyone. Find out more about t-shirts here.


T-shirts, a must have wardrobe staple

For most individuals, men or women, t-shirts are considered a wardrobe staple. When you don’t feel like dressing up, donning a plain white t-shirt does the style job for you. And when you don’t have nothing to wear, a t-shirt works as a shirt, a blouse and just anything else you want it to be. This piece of comfort is appropriate for nearly every occasion, and can be worn with little to no thought. At iprice Singapore, we have a plentiful load of t-shirts both for you and your other half without leaving out your precious little one. From graphic tees to plain coloured too and even tees with different neckline, we have it all!

T-shirts – Going way back in history

While t-shirts have a distinctly modern feel, their origins – as an undershirt- goes way back, nearly a century ago.

T-shirts get their name from the t-shape formed by their boxy body and attached sleeves. And such garments go way back in century, made originally from wool or silk. Considered as underwears, these undershirts covers the whole body and was mainly designed to absorb perspiration as also as a barrier between a man’s skin and the more expensive garments that individual would want to protect from bodily grime. Soon, marines, sailors and just everyone else started using this undershirt. Comfortable, inexpensive and easy to clean, these pieces of cloth was adopted by farmers, ranchers and labourers of all kinds as well as athletes and sport enthusiasts.

It all changed in the 1940s when tees started seeing the light of day (worn as outerwear) as they became popular play clothes for young boys. Thanks to the advancement in screen printing in the 1960s, a new wave of graphic tee that had everything from band names to political slogans were seen everywhere. T-shirts became of the great democratizers of American clothing, a casual piece that no man or women can live without. Today, this casual staple has indeed changed the way people view t-shirts, starting from a mere underwear to becoming the definition of all casualness.

T-shirts, defining your neckline

T-shirts come in all different colours, materials, sizes and fits. They also come in different neckline types and cute. The more traditional one would be the crew neck or also known as the round neck collar and the V neck which is both quite self-explanatory. But here are some of the other neckline cuts that people love:

Scoop Neck – Similar to the crew neckline with a bigger, more oval cut into the garment.

Deep Scoop – Just like the scoop neck, but with a deeper cut. Seen more on brands that targets the athletic and image conscious guys, those who would like to show off their beautifully built body.

Deep V Neck – If you are really into showing off your body, then this deep V cut would suit you the best. With cut that goes so low that it might as-well reach the floor, this type of neckline oozes out with sexiness.

T-shirt styles to suit your personality

Though this plain piece of cloth started out as a plain undergarment, it has indeed evolved to become a fashion statement that changed the world.


A basic kind of t-shirt that is of one uniform colour or pattern throughout the whole shirt. These type of basic tees can be found with any sleeve style and worn by both men and women. No matter if you want to layer it with a jacket or just wear it on its own with a pair of skinnies, this basic is a wardrobe staple.


A t-shirt with an image printed onto the fabric. Often this images would be screen printed, leaving a layer of ink on top of the fabric. The more popular type of graphic tee would display a band’s or a concert’s name, logo, tour dates and even lyrics.


No one in their right mind would say no to a little bling, especially the ladies. These embellishments uses rhinestones, sparkles, lace, bows and studs to spell out words, logos or form pictures just like the graphic tees.

In conclusion, t-shirts are one of the most popular piece of clothing you would have in your wardrobe. Its lightweight and comfortable fabric makes it an easy pair of wardrobe staple that can be styled in many ways. Find your best fit from Paul Smith, Comme DES Corcons, Emporio Armani and more only at iprice.