Hey guys, look dashing and dapper with the right ties and bowties below. Ladies, whip out your charm and beauty with the right ties and bowties accessories in Philipines. Find out more here.

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Top Ties & Bowties Price List 2020

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Ties and bowties Philippines

Ties and bowties are to formal wear as cream is to cake. The perfect ensemble of formal attire requires a tie or bowtie to garnish it. Ties and bowties aren’t limited to men only. Women also wear ties and more commonly, bowties. Ties & bowties for women come in a vast variety of fashions and designs. Bowties can be found on dresses, hairclips, laces, drawstrings and many other functional accessories. Ties and bowties for men are more predominantly used during formal occasions. Consensus show that men either love wearing bowties, or ties. Whether you’re a tie or a bowtie person, you’ll find all your needs with ties and bowties in Philippines. Browse the products above or find out more through the links below.

Ties & bowties for men

Guys, have you ever noticed that you keep using the same tie every day to work? Or do you recycle your ties weekly? If this is a common occurrence, then we’ve got just what you need. Here is where you’ll find all your ties and bowties in Philippines at cheap and affordable prices, and you won’t even have to leave your room. By shopping with iprice.ph, you can select your choice for a large selection of ties and bowties for men. Let’s look at some types of ties and bowties you can get.


Ties for men come in 3 sizes that are: Skinny tie, Medium tie and Thick tie. Each tie goes along with a certain dressing style. For skinny ties, pair them with slim-fit shirts that give you the V shape and hug the contour of your body. Medium ties offer a more flexible attire combination (pair it with any type of long-sleeve shirt). Thick ties go well with classic-style shirts. This combination is more suitable for more matured men. Ties also come in different fabric types. More often than not, you’ll find ties in silk or linen fabric. Neck tie designs also make or break your attire. Choose the right ties from some of these designs:

    • Striped neck tie
    • Polka dot neck tie
    • Multi-coloured tie
    • Floral neck tie
    • Plain coloured tie


Bowties for men have the potential to make you look like a high-profile hero in a James Bond film or could even give you that boyish look if paired with a short-sleeve shirt and short pants. Both these looks can be customized to suit the occasion.

Ties and bowties for women

Bowties and ties for ladies come in all kinds of variety. With ties and bowties in Philippines, you’ll find all your accessories for that feminine look. Dresses of all designs are now here. You can also find hair-ties of all shapes, sizes and patterns to compliment your lovely look. With the right ties and bowtie combinations with your summer dresses you’ll find the boys staring with open mouths at your beauty. Other accessories like bowtie hairbands, hair-clips, hair ties brooches, back-tied sundresses, tie-back dresses and many more. Find all your needs with ties and bowties for women.

Whatever your preference, find what you want with the best selection from iprice. For a wider selection, check out the accessories page. Everything from hats to sunglasses, scarves and even gloves are sold online. Happy shopping!

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