Men! Looking for that extra support but don't want to sport the tighty-whities underneath your rugged jeans? How about all you women? Looking for underwear that is "actually" comfortable? Then, boxer shorts are for you. Click here to get the low-down of boxer briefs and how to buy them.


Buying Boxer Briefs in the Philippines: Hard or Not?

Boxer Briefs in Philippines: A "Really" Brief History About Them

First appeared in the late-1990s, the first pair of boxer briefs was introduced by clothing maker, Calvin Klein. It was Mark Wahlberg (who was Calvin Kelin's most recognizable underwear model) who posed for billboards donning the new boxer brief design. After that, the popularizing of the boxer briefs skyrocketed until what they are today.

iPrice Philippines - Boxer Briefs for Him vs. Boxer Briefs for Her

So what are boxer briefs, anyway? They are considered to be an underwear style that is halfway between boxer shorts and briefs. They are mostly worn by men but modern times call to women to don on this underwear style that provides both comfort and support. A large majority of men prefer the boxer briefs due to them taking both the benefits of boxer shorts (room and comfort) and briefs (support).

Ever since Calvin Klein's bold marketing dive into releasing the very first boxer briefs, other companies have gotten onto the bandwagon. With the advancement of time, today's boxer briefs come in all sorts of styles and materials. Here's the "brief" list:

Trunks vs Biker Shorts
This concerns the length of the boxer briefs. Trunks are shorter and biker shorts are longer and made to be similar to tight-fitting spandex.
Hipster Boxer Briefs
These are made to be shorter than trunks and are usually composed of cotton with a small percentage of spandex.
Low-Rise Boxer Briefs
These have a very low waistband that instead of covering the hips, they leave them exposed.
Athletic Boxer Briefs
Specifically designed for athletic activities, they come in biker shorts and trunk styles and offer additional support. They are mainly made out of 100% cotton but some are a blend of cotton, nylon, and/or spandex.
Padded Boxer Briefs
These are specially tailored to suit cyclists and men who sit for long periods of time.
Side-Snap Boxer Briefs
These come with detachable buttons on the side.
Front Styles for Boxer Briefs
What it means by front style is the addition of buttons for the front fly.
Boxer Shorts for Women
Well, they (the women) don't call them boxer briefs. They are most commonly known as "boyshorts". These boyshorts also come in different styles and are composed of a variety of materials but they don't stray too far from men's boxer briefs.

Some might even call them as "square panties" (a quick nod to SpongeBob SquarePants). While others claim that boyshorts oveer long leggins work best for athletic activities. However, generally and collectively, most women who prefer the boyshort say that they are looser, cooler, and more comfortable than the "traditional" panties.

Nowadays, both men and women find liking in boxer briefs for style, comfort, and support. This all was resulted from a cross between the traditional boxer short and the traditional briefs. Even though boxer briefs were originally made for the anatomy of men, the overwhelming trend of women wearing them overwrites their original purpose.

So, scroll back up and have a pick of a boxer brief to care for you "personal" belongings while still staying in style.

Happy Shopping!