Did you know that your style of underwear could change your life by giving you confidence and persona you need? Find out more about how boxers could change your life, here.


How Boxers Could Change Your Life

Underwear says a lot about a person. Your style of underwear is determined by your personal preference and how easy going you are. As most of us should know by now, underwear has potential to boost your confidence like no other piece of clothing. Not all of us Filipinos have chiseled abs or a Greek God physique. Therefore, the way a piece of undergarment wraps around your butt and crotch area matters. For maximum comfort, boxers are typically the best choice. Boxers are more popular in the West, particularly in the US as it is the birth place of the boxer underwear for men. Today, however, the trend of wearing boxers on a daily basis has moved to our side of the world. In the Philippines, we find a huge number of men are comfortable with the airy, roomy, loose comfort of boxers. Boxers are so revolutionary, they have the power to enhance your confidence and overall outlook on life. Here are some ways boxers could do exactly that.

Give your package some room with boxers

We’ve all heard the saying “Don’t get your panties in a bunch”. But the saying is true with men’s underwear. Don’t get your underwear in a twist. Give your package some room to chill. In our warm and humid weather, we look for comfort and breathability along with a flexible fabric to accommodate our pelvic movements – Boxers are a perfect choice! Unlike briefs, boxers create a safe space between your genitalia and legs. This positive zone in the nether regions has countless benefits to your overall comfort and well-being. Let’s look at some of the benefits of wearing boxers.

Benefits of wearing boxers

  • Boxers make you feel like you’re not wearing underwear
  • Boxers loose fabrics increase airflow between your legs
  • Temperature of the crotch area is significantly lower than when wearing briefs
  • Boxers have been correlated with a higher sperm count in men
  • Easy access to pee due to a loose fly feature
  • Fertility chances are increased thanks to a freedom of movement
  • A grown up feel to wearing boxers
  • Letting your girlfriend/boyfriend wear your boxers… Kinky!

How to choose the right pair of boxers for you

Now that you know what the benefits of wearing boxers are, you can go ahead and choose the right one for your body.

First things first – choose a material that complements your feel. Some things to consider when looking at underwear fabric is breathability, the texture on your skin and moisture absorption. Another thing to consider is the size of the boxer that you’re getting. The smaller it is, the tighter it is going to fit and the more uncomfortable it will be.

Colour and pattern also matter, especially if you intend to impress a date. Having a colour that matches your skin tone will give you sex appeal and flare when you undress your bottom half.

Lastly, you’ll want to get a pair of boxers that is easy on your wallet. Always look for one with a good name and a good price. You may want to try brands such as Calvin Klein and Renoma. Ladies, don’t worry, there are even boxers for women available. Go have a look today!