Panties are often more than just an undergarment. They are also a way for women to express themselves and become more confident with their bodies. There are different types and styles of panties that one can choose from. To know all the types and how to choose the best panties for you, read the article here.


How to Choose the Right Style of Panties in the Philippines

Of course, panties are every woman’s necessities. But they have different styles to fulfill your underwear preferences. If you want something more comfortable and secure, high-waist panties are for you. If you are looking for something more sensual and revealing, then a thong or a G-string are your best options.

Common materials used for panties

Panties are made with various materials. Typically, these underwear are manufactured using satin, silk, cotton, nylon, lace, polyester, lycra, mesh, and even leather, and latex. The comfort level also varies with different materials and the most common panties worn for everyday wear are made from satin, cotton, nylon, and polyester.

Different types of panties



Boy shorts

Boyshorts underwear, also called boyleg, are designed to have a similar appearance as men’s boxer briefs. The leg extends below the crotch, resembling safety pants or safety shorts. Most women use them to avoid their panty lines from being seen.


Briefs are the most common style of panties and women’s underwear. They come in three different designs: classic, high-cut, and control. Classic extends all the way above the hips, while control briefs are worn for those aiming to look slimmer.


Bikinis sit on the hips but have a higher cut compared to hispters, another similar type of underwear. Also, bikinis provide less rear coverage when compared with briefs.


The French-cut panties are a type of briefs, also known as the high-cut briefs. These panties were perhaps popularized by the casts of Baywatch and is meant to provide the appearance of longer legs through its narrow and high-cut leg cutaways.


Hipsters are similar to bikinis but with more rear coverage. They also have a waistband that goes around the hips, ideal to be worn with low-cut jeans.


G-string panties provide the least rear coverage out of all the types of women’s underwear. Like the name suggests, they have a vertical string on the backside and is meant to be slipped between the buttocks. These panties are also a popular choice for those trying to avoid visible panty lines.


Thongs may have more rear coverage than the G-strings, their rear coverage is still minimal compared to briefs, boyshorts, and hipsters.

How to choose the best panties

Choose the panties that can make you feel the most confident and comfortable. Try all the different types of panties made from different materials and see which ones are the most sensible. The type of panties that you choose also depend on the clothing that you plan to wear. If you want to wear an evening gown, then boy shorts, thongs, or G-strings are the best.

No matter which style of panties you choose, don’t forget to pair them with matching bras or other types of underwear.