Sexy, kinky, yet practical and functional, Thongs have been widely worn by women and men all over the world. This relatively-new fashion of underwear is now here in Malaysia. Find out how you could choose the best thongs and G-strings for sexy seduction here.


How to Choose and Wear a Sexy Thong

So here you are, shopping online for one of the most sought-after underwear types – Thongs. Brave new experiences await the person who ventures into the world of thongs and G-strings. Say goodbye to the old, boring, you. Explore a sexy side of you that you never knew you had. Underwear and lingerie are now a must-have for both men and women. With a huge range of thongs and G-strings available in Philippines, you can bring out the sexy, playful side you’ve always wanted without the fuss and embarrassment of going to a boutique or retail outlet to choose it.

Online shopping for underwear provides a safe and discreet way to unleash your frisky side. You are now entering the adult zone so here on out, we’re going to hang loose with terms that may be unsuitable for those under 18 years of age.

Why Choose A Thong?

If you’re a newbie trying out thongs, you may be wondering why thongs are such a big deal. Thongs may be misunderstood by a vast majority of the Filipino population. This may be because thongs and G-strings are associated with promiscuous behaviour, especially in our cultural Asian society. Furthermore, the porn industry has not done justice to the image of the underwear. Yet thongs and G-strings serve a higher purpose than just to entertain. The level of practicality of wearing thongs is just as high as the fun in putting them on. Here are some practical reasons why one would choose a thong over regular underwear:

  • Avoiding VPL (Visible Panty Line) for ladies – hide that embarrassing panty line with a comfortable G-string or thong. Wedgies can also be avoided without excess fabric riding up your bum.
  • Ventilation and breathability – minimal fabric surface allows for easier airflow and a lower temperature at the groin area.
  • Flexibility of movement – lesser friction as compared to traditional underwear.
  • Variety – having an assortment of underwear to choose from brings out wardrobe creativity.
  • Bring out the sexiness – Thongs are a huge turn-on. Admit it!

Of course, this list can go on and on. But these are sufficient to convert you into a thong fan. Regardless of your sexual orientation, your encounter with thongs is sure to be one filled with pleasure.

Thongs Are Unisex!

Once upon a time, thongs were only made for women. For functionality purposes, both men and women now share this fashion. Thongs present a subtle erotic feeling to the wearer and the viewer alike. A likely compliment made towards a thong-wearer is that he or she has a nice derriere. Enhancing the shape of the bum, thongs keep the sexy shape of any figure regardless of gender. Want to take a peek into thongs for women? Or are you looking for thongs for men? You’ll find all fashions, fabrics and sizes for thongs right here on iprice.

Underwear Science 101 – How to choose the perfect thong

So how do we choose the right thong before buying it online? Here are a few tips on what to consider when choosing the perfect thong.

  1. Size – just like any other underwear, choose a size that fits comfortably. Too large and it will ride up your waist. Too small and it will constrict your blood-flow.
  2. Cut – some choices are: high-waisted, low-rise, hip-hugger, mankini, G-string, C-cup
  3. Fabric – a variety of cotton, spandex, nylon-spandex, silk, lace and wool and other combinations provide for different levels of comfort as well as
  4. Colour and pattern – for a discreet look, pick a skin-toned colour. Match your skirt or pants with the colour of the underwear.
  5. Comfort – first-timers may feel a little uncomfortable especially with G-strings but with time you won’t even realise you were wearing underwear.
  6. Brands – choose a brand that fits your style. Generally choosing from your favourite clothing line is a good start. Some brands you can choose from are Adidas, Stella McCartney, Heidi Klum Intimates, Beauty Night and many more.