Wedding’s are all about happiness, prosperity and starting a new chapter in your life with your spouse. Make everything extra special with the best wedding garments available for your entourage from the bride, and groom, down to the bridesmaid, groomsmen and flower girls! Click here for more information.

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Top Wedding Clothes Price List 2021

Finding the Perfect Wedding Clothing and Entourage

If you are browsing for wedding garments such as tuxedos, wedding and bridesmaid’s gowns, then congratulations are in order! Make your weddings extra special with the best brand’s online. Choose the right wedding garments for you entourage and make your memories extra special!

Choosing your wedding garments

The wedding entourage comprises of at least 10 people, from the primary sponsors down to the bible bearers and flower girls. While it is so, there are only three of these individuals who are required to wear according to the wedding theme: the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers and bible bearers. Here are useful tips on how you can find the right clothes for the perfect wedding entourage.

How to choose a wedding gown and tuxedo

  • The bride’s gown
    1. When choosing a bride’s gown, always consider her body type and take accurate measurements such as height, waist, shoulder, bust, hips, etc. Always go for comfort over style.
    2. Choose a gown that would fit your wedding location; you can’t wear a ball gown on a beach wedding, nor wear a short slip gowns on churches.
    3. Do some research through countless wedding magazines about the type of fabric, designs, designers and many more.
    4. Not everyone can afford a Vera Wang dress, so set a budget and use knowledge from your research on where you can find the right dress for you.
    5. Remember, the bride’s gown is the most important part of the entourage so always shop with a second opinion. Bring someone who has a deep understanding of what you really want and what looks good on you.
  • The groom’s tuxedo
    1. Wedding’s are all about the bride but the groom too should stand out. Like the bride’s dress, you should also set a budget or consider renting one out to save on money.
    2. When looking for a groom’s tux, don’t be a stick in the mud and be a little bit fashion forward when it comes to choosing one. There are different styles and colors available in many wedding stores. In addition, your suit doesn’t have to be black, so play around and consider the wedding theme colors.
    3. Always consider the suit’s fabrics; make sure that it is timely and according to your place’s weather and climate. Do some research on what are the best fabrics that would, not only look good, but also feel good.
    4. Weigh your options and shop around for more wedding suits on different stores, both online and offline. There are tons of available suits for you out there, all you need to do is find the right one.

Choosing the right bridesmaid and groomsmen outfit

  • The bridesmaid’s dress
    1. A wedding can have three or more bridesmaids, so remember to always consider each of their sizes. Remember, one size doesn’t fit them all.
    2. Choosing one style on a bridesmaid’s dress is a no-no. Since your girlfriends also come in different shapes and sizes, consider which style suits best for their body type and preferences.
    3. Like the bride’s wedding gown, you should always put comfort over style. Gather their sizes, preferences and styles that they would love to wear on the most important day of your life.
  • The groomsmen’s suits
    1. Like the bridesmaid, the groomsmen too, have different sizes. If you are planning for a custom-tailored tux, make sure that sizes are accurate and fabrics should also be cosidered to maximize comfort.
    2. Experiment on different styles that would match your wedding theme. Don’t forget that groomsmen have their own personal preferences when it comes to choosing their suit, so always consider what they want to wear to your wedding.
    3. Like the groom, the groomsmen shouldn’t stick to black (it’s not a funeral after all); navy, dark brown, or gray are perfect colors to wear for groomsmen.

The flower girls, ring and bible bearer’s clothes

Kids can be a lot harder to dress than adults. They get uncomfortable easily, can run around and even tear through their clothes, that is why when it comes to choosing garments for flower girls, ring and bible bearers, always consider comfort and accurate sizes, like the previous members of your entourage. Also consider the season and theme of your wedding when styling your little flowergirls and ring bearers. Fabric quality should also be considered since kids will be kids and they can be a nightmare to dress.

Importance of choosing the right wedding garments

A very special day deserves the needed budget and attention. If you’re lucky enough, wedding’s can only happen once in a lifetime, everything needs to be extra special. While not all people remember what your weird uncle did on the reception but everyone knows exactly what the entourage was wearing; an extra special event needs the extra effort and keeness to detail. In addition, the entourage represents a part of your new life as a husband or a wife. Your first day as a couple should always be marred with great people in great clothes. The importance of choosing the right garment lies on the memories in which they are going to be a part in; this time, the most important day of your adult life - getting married.

Wedding brands that you should look into

There are a lot of wedding brands that you should really look into. From wedding dresses, to tuxedos, and bridesmaid dresses, you would find all your wedding needs online. Not only is it easy to find the design you want, you can also look at different brands available such as Cocotina, LASH, Light in the Box, and many more! Browse by brand or by category at!