Known for its excellent quality bags, Coach brings you a selection of backpacks! Durable, stylish, and convenient, Coach backpacks are great companions wherever you may go. Check out the best Coach bags online, or find out more about Coach backpacks below.

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Tips For Choosing a Coach Backpack

Known for their iconic backpacks, Coach is a popular choice for many (including celebrities) due to its high-quality products, such as backpacks, boasting great size, style, and sophistication. So, if you are looking for a good quality backpack for business or leisure, choose Coach.

Impressive Designs

Another great thing about Coach backpacks is their wide selection of designs to choose from. The brand has put out collections that many fashionistas are dying for. Among the brand's best-sellers include the Coach Charlie Backpack and the Coach Mini Charlie Backpack that's made especially for kids. Some Coach bags are waterproof, have versatile compartments, and are designed to avoid scratches on your laptop, phone, and tablets. Designs like these make Coach a great brand of choice when it comes to backpacks.

Large Compartments

Perhaps the best thing about Coach backpacks is the large compartment that can store all your essentials and organize them neatly. It is large enough to fit a full-sized laptop and is great for carrying all your school and office essentials. Aside from having a large main compartment, Coach backpacks also have convenient storage compartments. On some designs, exterior compartments often have a medium-sized pocket, as well as an expandable front pocket with a diagonal zipper or a mesh organizer. Coach backpacks such as the Jasper and Stargate have water bottle holders on one of the sides. They are also ideal for traveling and for your little adventures!

Easy to Carry

Another reason why you should choose Coach backpacks is that it is easy to carry. While backpacks, in general, are comfortable, Coach walks the extra mile to create functional designs. The straps are made from custom-padded air mesh systems to increase comfort and airflow. Some designs like the Little America backpack have other features such as an S-curve strap for ergonomics and comfort. Paired with adjustable straps and back cushioning, carrying your essentials with a Coach backpack is easy breezy.

If you are looking for backpacks, Coach provides you with a selection of bags that would be perfect for your lifestyle. Coach is one of the best brands that you can grab from iPrice!

Spotting a Fake Coach Backpack


Genuine Coach backpacks are made with high-quality materials such as herringbone weave, straw, denim, sateen, canvas, embossed python or crocodile leather, shantung, and patent leather. Coach products like backpacks should look neat and sturdy without having it slouched to one side or lopsided. Fake Coach backpacks have uneven lousy stitching or made with low-quality material that usually peels off easily.


One of the most common ways to determine whether a backpack is real or fake is to check the stitching. Signs of a counterfeit product include loose stitching, crooked stitching, odd spacing, and overstitching. Genuine Coach backpacks have close to perfect stitching and that is the reason why Coach is well-known for their craftsmanship.

Other than that, you should examine the fabric and leather quality. In any area of the bag, there should not be any uneven designs. Moreover, Coach backpacks will typically have “C” shapes in sets of two without any patterns being cut off. Due to the small shapes of certain backpacks, it is normal for the “C” shapes to be slightly off. An additional dead giveaway is when the pattern is something completely different such as a completely different letter, such as an “O” or a “G”.

However, if you want to double-check, you may contact the seller to request photos so that you can look at the stitching up close.

Coach Creed

The Coach Creed tag within the backpack ought to include a style number, a registration number as well as relevant information about the origin of the product and how it was crafted. You will often see a style number without any registration number or vice versa with fake Coach bags.

Also, take note of the wordings on the tag inside. It should be perfectly spaced with no spelling errors. You would instantly know it’s a fake when there are any muddled words or misspellings.