Coach is known for its minimalistic, premium designs in fashion. One of its premier lines of fashion is in its shoe collections. Find out how to shop for Coach shoes online in the Philippines here.


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A Guide to Buying Coach Shoes in the Philippines

Coach features an amazing selection of shoes to choose from. Now with our fetish for online shopping, we can get Coach shoes in the Philippines at discounted prices. Given the influx of counterfeit products in the region, we need to be conscious consumers and know the best way to shop for our favourite products online. Shopping for Coach shoes is not only fun but addictive. Let’s look at some ways you could shop for your Coach shoes online with minimal hassle and maximum savings.

Know Your Style

As vast as Coach’s collections span, so vast are our choices for buying shoes online. Literally thousands of options lay before you. So where do you start? Knowing your personal style preference gets the barrier out of the way. If you love a casual, laidback look, go for sneakers, loafers, or flats. These shoe types prioritize comfort and personal style over the formal, more classy look. If it’s a formal type of attire you are looking into, then you want to go for leather shoes (for men) or high heels (for women). You can’t go wrong with these two options. Coach dress shoes are the premium option when shopping for your working footwear.

Know Your Size

This is where shopping online may have its disadvantage over shopping retail – you don’t get to try it on. Instead, the smart-shopper determines his/her foot size beforehand. This means knowing your foot size in different measurements. The UK and Asia measurement will defer from the USA measurement for shoe sizes. If you don’t go by these, measure the length of your feet in inches and you can convert it to shoe size with using a simple Google search.

Choose A Trusted Merchant

So you’ve got your choice of Coach shoes ready to be bought. Now it’s time to make the purchase. The next step would be to choose an online merchant that is reliable, fast, and responds to your inquiries. You can do this by looking at user reviews online. Many of the online suppliers around the Southeast Asian region have a fanbase that produces daily reviews of products bought. For a brand as big as Coach, you have plenty of options of reviews. Also look on YouTube for product reviews from said merchant. If all else fails, choose a seller that allows you to return, refund, or exchange the product if there is a need. Just as a precaution, you could screenshot every step of your purchase so you have a trail of the process and you know where the mistake lies in the buying process.

Now that you know more about how to buy Coach shoes online, you may want to look into other Coach fashion such as Coach handbags, watches, and wallets to complement your classy styles. You can’t go wrong with the assortment Coach brings in the Philippines.