When it comes to shirts for all occasions, Columbia Philippines is the brand to look out for. Providing versatile shirts that you can wear both at rest and at play, Columbia Philippines' shirts should be included in your wardrobe! Read more about Columbia Philippines' shirts below.

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Columbia Philippines Shirts: Providing Much Needed Versatility

Being outdoors does not necessarily mean scaling up mountain peaks and diving into deep seas; just leaving the house instead of being a couch potato counts too! Being the leading brand when it comes to outdoor apparels, Columbia wants you to enjoy the outdoors as much as they do. Led by their visionary Chairman, Gert Boyle, the brand has grown to be a reliable and trustworthy brand when in the outdoor apparels industry. Columbia Philippines’s shirts can be worn for a casual night out with your bros at the pub, to performing vigorous outdoor activities. The flannel material used by Columbia Philippines to make most of its shirts are long-lasting and adds ruggedness, suitable for outdoor usage.

Columbia Shirts in Philippines – Infused with Revolutionary Technology

Making clothes that are suitable for all outdoors conditions is not an easy feat. Compared to the normal everyday wear, outdoor wear needs to be extra durable and additionally comfortable so that wearers will not face difficulties maneuvering through harsh weather conditions. Being the experts in outdoor apparels that they are, Columbia infuses the state-of-the-art technology and features that they apply for their outdoor apparels into their shirts as well. This makes their shirts to stand out compared to the other common shirts found in the market. Amongst the technology applied in their shirts include:


This is Columbia Philippines’s exclusive technology that are used in its renowned outdoor apparels as well. This wicking technology effectively absorbs sweat from the body, providing more comfort to the wearer. This technology is useful for wearers especially in Southeast Asian countries, to reduce the wearer’s perspiration; improving one’s comfort and productivity whilst working under the hot sun.

Insulated Back and Front Panels

Some of Columbia’s shirts is insulated with back and front heat panels, to keep you constantly warm and cozy in cold places, such as in the air-conditioned office areas or at night. With these shirts, there is no need for a jacket or sweater to keep you warm!

Omni-Shade UPF Sun Protection

Another revolutionary technology from Columbia, this will be much appreciated in Southeast Asian countries. It protects the wearers from the sun’s UVA and UVB rays; preventing them from contracting sunburn and possible long-term skin damage.

Antimicrobial treatment

Columbia’s antimicrobial treatment enable the shirts to be protected from bacterial growth, hence reducing the possibilities of the wearers to have body odor, due to the reaction between the wearer’s sweat and the bacteria.

Columbia Philippines’s Top Selling Shirts

Columbia’s line of shirts has gotten much support from its global clientele for decades, now it is time for Philippinesans to enjoy Columbia’s hallmark quality products. Among its long list of best-sellers and consumer favourites include:

  • Men’s Flare Gun Flannel III Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Men’s Pilsner Lodge Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Men’s Silver Ridge Plaid Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Women’s Silver Ridge Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Women’s PFG Tamiami II Short Sleeve Shirt

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