There is no limit to the love for fashion. The statement captures exactly what Kerry O’Brien has been striving for since she created her lingerie clothing line Commando. Click here to learn more about this America based brand.


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Top Commando Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
Commando Perfect Fishnet Tights ₱ 2,929.57 Net-A-Porter
Commando Stretch Thong ₱ 1,362.59 Net-A-Porter
Commando Stretch Thong ₱ 1,362.59 Net-A-Porter
Commando Whisper Weight Stretch Camisole ₱ 3,406.47 Net-A-Porter
Commando Tiny Stretch Thong ₱ 1,703.24 Net-A-Porter
Commando Stretch Thong ₱ 1,703.24 Net-A-Porter
Commando Tiny Stretch Thong ₱ 1,703.24 Net-A-Porter
Commando Stretch cotton Briefs ₱ 2,043.88 Net-A-Porter
Commando High rise Stretch Briefs ₱ 2,043.88 Net-A-Porter
Commando Stretch cotton Briefs ₱ 2,043.88 Net-A-Porter
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Commando Perfect Fishnet Tights

Available in Net-A-Porter ₱ 2,929.57 Go to Shop

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Explore the best designs from Commando Philippines on iprice

Go commando… but with your underwear on with Commando Philippines!

We know what you are thinking but Commando is not what you think it is. The brand is merely an under garment label for women. It was brought into life by the Founder Kerry O’Brien in 2003 with a passion to empower women through what they wear. It started when she realized how important the right underwear is to a woman in order for her to always feel good and confident. Kerry aimed to create that perfect garment – a solid foundation of a woman’s beauty; and she never regretted about her decision to embark on the fashion journey since the beginning of Commando.

The brand Commando is now every woman’s favourite for its enchanting designs as well as the ultimate comfort that it has to offer. Think of Commando as a magical piece of fabric that is made from fairy spells and pixie dust; then close your eyes and imagine the soft touch of feather and a state of absolute calm. Yes, that is exactly how it feels like when you dress in Commando.

Top 3 reasons why going for Commando is a brilliant idea

If you think that there is no need to invest in a good lingerie collection, you haven’t experienced how awesome it is to get dressed in Commando’s underwear. If you ever struggled with keeping your bras straps in place or taking a slightly bigger step to subtly adjust your underpants, then you need Commando!

If it is not convincing enough, here are 3 reasons why Commando should already be in your wardrobe:

  1. Commando garments designs are exquisitely comfortable:

    The top and probably the main feature that women love most about Commando is its seamless sewing lines which offer the second best feeling to being naked. Be it be bras, panties or stocking, Commando lingerie designs always follow the sheer and almost invisible construction to ensure that not only your skin can breathe under the layers of clothes but also the beholder of your beauty won’t have trouble breathing as they look at you (wink!).

  2. Commando helps you to dress to first impress yourself:

    The key to looking good lies within an individual perception of beauty and the most beautiful ladies are usually those who BELIEVE that they are pretty. And the right set of under garment can do wonders to your body so that you will feel an instant boost of confidence. Look at those gorgeous laced up tops and smooth sheer cover, you can hardly go wrong when dressing up with such wonderful inner wear.

  3. Commando has everything a woman need to win the love game!

    Without a doubt, a sexy lady who feels confident about herself always wins the hearts all the gentlemen out there without even trying. Commando’s dazzling collections of premium lingerie and accessories can enhance the charm of any lady. You can even break all the unwritten rules of styling to mix and match their designs with the suitable outerwear to simultaneously show off your bosom in a very sophisticated way.

Commando Philippines best-selling collections

If you have already deeply fallen in love with Commando – let’s not waste any more time and discover what awaits you from Commando Philippines.

Commando bras, camis and tanks

From the enchanting lace design to a simple plain bra, Commando tops collection can enhance the perfection of all types of body. Our most favourites are the Tulip bra, Love and Lush bra, Double-take racerback bra and engineered lace cami with the touch of luxury as well as royalty designs. On top of that, they provide the ultimate comfort for you to feel light and expressive in any movement.

Commando bikini bottoms, shorts, high rise and panties

Wearing a fitting and comfortable panties from Commando helps to refine your body curves effortlessly. You can choose from various designs as well as shapes from the brand’s unique luxe and lush collections. From high rise “granny panties” for a retro look to tiny thongs for pairing with tight outerwear, no matter which one is of your favourite, the signature line-free and impressive edge for the desirable silhouette from Commando designs will put a smile on your face.

Commando sleepwear

Bring the feather like feeling into your sleep with Commando’s sleepwear collection. Similar to its other counterparts, this garment line offers that perfect touch of softness from only premium fabrics. With Commando sleepwear, your dreams will only be filled with rainbows and happiness.

Commando legwear

Add on extra sexiness to your figure with Commando legwear collection. These stockings are the perfect adornments on top of your seamless panty, especially when you want to pull of that classy Parisian look. You don’t have to worry about the stifling layer over your leg as Commando ensures that the legwear is stretchable and sweat-free.

Here’s to all the gentlemen who happen to reach to this part of the article, get Commando for your significant other now and you will thank us later. As for the ladies, don’t be hesitate to invest in the right sets of lingerie. Find your second true love right here as Commando is indeed better than nothing!