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Alcatel One touch prices in Philippines

The Alcatel OneTouch is a Smartphone series from Alcatel that features some of the greatest innovations in the smartphone scene. Alcatel One Touch has become a famous name in the market, and that is because of the innovative solutions that the smartphones in this series were able to offer. Know more about those phones here!

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Alcatel’s Crowning Glory

The Alcatel One Touch has produced some of the most famous and outstanding phones in the smartphone market. These phones are basically well equipped with features, hardware, and software that made them one of a kind – the main reason why they become notable to many consumers.

Alcatel One Touch Idol

The one touch idol is the first ever One Touch phone from Alcatel. This is the smartphone that kick started Alcatel’s success due to its groundbreaking display technology. Back in the days when smartphones’ screens’ were simply featuring IPS LCD display, Alcatel One Touch Idol was already equipped with AMOLED screen which was 3x brighter than the regular screen during its time. Another feature that made it notable is its 8MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. During the time when this phone model recently hit the market, most smartphones were only boasting 5MP for their back camera, but with the Alcatel One Touch Idol is one of those who stepped up the game. This phone was within the league of Samsung’s Galaxy S2 and smartphones of that level, the only difference is, the Alcatel One Touch Idol was sold at a very affordable price compared to its competitors.

Alcatel One Touch Philippines Idol Ultra

The Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra is the upgrade of the One Touch Idol. Basically, this phone was made to fill the gaps that its predecessors failed to fill. With a 16Gb internal memory (and an expandable storage via microSD slot) and 1GB RAM, this phone is the One Touch Idol that should have been.

Alcatel One Touch Philippines - Scribe Easy

The One Touch Scribe Easy is Alcatel’s own version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note, but a more reserved and conservative device in terms of power, it could be because of its economic price tag. Aside from a 5-inch screen that could qualify this phone as a phablet, it also comes with a stylus which is made to interact in a more creative way with the phone’s touchscreen display. The stylus isn’t as innovative as the S-Pen though, but it surely serves its purpose for a screen as large as phablets.’

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