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Alienware Area 51 prices in Philippines

Possessing powerful specifications that take your gaming performance to the next level, the revolutionary Alienware Area 51 desktop is all about accelerating your experience. Read more about Alienware Area 51 Philippines below to find out.

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Alienware Area 51 Price by Country

Malaysia MYR 8,888
Thailand THB 499
Vietnam VND 170,000

Alienware Area 51 Philippines – Forget Everything You Know

In the realm of computing, Alienware has been said to be associated with performance, precision and prowess. As a matter of fact, such statement is proven to be correct as its revolutionary Alienware Area 51 certainly changes the name of the game with its release. With its iconic design, this Alienware gaming desktop will make you forget everything that you know about the true power of gaming desktop. Aptly named, the Alienware Area 51 is literally out of this world as it boasts insanely formidable technologies.

Intelligent Design that Simply Inspires

Utilizing the "triad chassis" as the base of its intelligent design, the Alienware Area 51 body design has been designed with both aesthetic and functional purposes. In fact, its three corners have been constructed to support 5 times the system's weight. Not just that, you even can switch on the rear accessibility lighting on its back so that you do not need to use a flashlight. When it comes to connecting or disconnecting the cables, all you need to do is just move the system towards you and you will have quick access to the rear ports.

Interestingly, the Alienware Area 51 features rugged handles that makes it feels more natural when carrying it around. Not just that, this Alienware Area 51 is also designed with practicality in mind as its shape and internal component layout tend to have low center of gravity so that it does not fall easily when it is being lifted. At the same time, its angular shape makes it possible for all of its I/O ports to face you directly. This is a good thing because you can connect your USB devices, headphones and others more conveniently.

Overwhelming Power with Alienware Area 51 Philippines

Capable of supporting up to three full length double wide graphic cards, the Alienware Area 51 is a powerful beast which enables you to enjoy the true power of high-performance gaming experience. As if it is not enough, you can even upgrade it to quad GPU configuration.

Immerse in Full Spectrum

Thanks to its AlienFX, you will have the opportunity of using its 20 different colors to create up to 512 billion unique themes in order to have your personalized desktop style. Moreover, it also supports more than 130 gaming titles. In other words, you can customize the lighting zones that react to anything that happens in your gameplay.

Best Windows that You can Find for Gaming

When you compare it with other gaming desktops in the market, it is pretty amazing to note that the Alienware Area 51 boasts highly specialized Windows 10 for gaming purposes. Aside from enjoying its highly enhanced performance and speed, you will be thrilled to discover that everything just works smoothly. In conclusion, the Alienware Area 51 is one of the most powerful desktop computers that you can get in order to enjoy the maximum power of desktop gaming computer.

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