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ASUS X455LF prices in Philippines

Asus is known throughout the world for making laptops and ultrabooks that are reliable and user-friendly. Among those of its new models in The Philippines comes the Asus X455LF, possibly one of Asus’s thinnest ultrabooks in the market and reasonably priced too. Find out more about the Asus X455LF below.

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Overall feel of the Asus X455LF in Philippines

This first thing you will realise about the looks of the Asus X455LF is the polished aluminium body that fits perfectly aesthetic on any surface. Texture is good when held and the overall finish feels premium. Coming in at 12.9mm, this thin machine is built from the ground up just for you.

Take it everywhere with you

Portable and lightweight, the Asus X455LF’s frame is made to be for work and play. At the bottom, you’ll find the vents for the fan which is neatly tucked into the rear of the ultrabook. To remove the casing, you will need to unscrew the base off. On the left side of the Asus X455LF sits the deep SD card slot, followed by the USB 3 port and the audiojack. On the right, there is the power socket and a full-sized USB 2 port and 2 USB 3 ports. Overall the feel of the Asus X455LF is rigid and sturdy.

Asus X455LF Specs – Exceeding the expectation

For this day and age, we need a laptop that is powerful and durable while being environmentally friendly. The Asus X455LF does exactly this. Coming in with the 6th generation 2.7 GHz i5-5200, 14 inch non-touchscreen monitor, integrated Intel Graphics 520, 8 GB DDR3L RAM and 128G SSD. This combination gives performance both in read speeds and write speeds.

The system feels quick overall but it is recommended to upgrade the graphics card if heavy video editing and gaming is intended. Speaking of gaming, light games like CS-GO work well but more demanding games such as Fallout 4 require lower resolution to get the right framerate.

Making the most out of the Asus X455LF

We would not recommend the Asus X455LF for gaming but for any other tasks, this nippy laptop does well. Battery life seems to be a little low as it hits 7 hours if the fans are manually turned off. Although the fans are turned off, the Asus X455LF does not overheat during normal processes. This compact laptop is overall a good device for daily work and simple tasks, but may need upgrades if heavy gaming and designing is done.

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