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BlackBerry PlayBook prices in Philippines

Looking for a small, lightweight and functional tablet at the lowest price? The Blackberry Playbook in Philippines provides the perfect option for all your organizing as well as communication from anywhere in the world. One of the first tablet devices that allowed instant messaging, the Blackberry Playbook was ahead of its time. Want to know more about the Blackberry Playbook in Philippines? Find out more here.

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Blackberry PlayBook in Philippines

Built for mobility, made for business – Blackberry’s motto is perfectly shown in the Blackberry PlayBook. Released in September 2010, the Blackberry PlayBook kept us wondering about future possibilities. This small tablet was way ahead of its time when first released. Although not updated much since its release, the Blackberry PlayBook is one tablet you can still use 6 years after its launch.

Blackberry PlayBook design – those bezels though!

Let’s look at the Blackberry PlayBook’s design. Wow! Get a load of the bezel size on this bad boy! Its large bezels aren’t a hindrance to the Blackberry PlayBook’s usefulness. It sports a TFT capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colours at 7.0 inches. Weighing a light 425 grams, the Blackberry PlayBook can be brought anywhere you go.

Specs before its time

Although it came out a long time ago, the Blackberry PlayBook has specs that work till today. Underneath, you will find the Blackberry Tablet OS signature to most of Blackberry’s tablet line-up. With a TI OMAP 4430 chipset and the PowerVR SGX540 GPU configuration, the Blackberry PlayBook is able to run basic programs such as media player, Word documents, and slide shows and web surfing. The dual-core 1.0 GHz Cortex A-9 CPU powers the Blackberry PlayBook into each process without much hassle.

It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, stereo speakers, microUSB 2.0 and Bluetooth 2.1 capabilities so you can stay connected to your friends and work associates while on the move. MP3, email, push email and instant messaging apps also find their place well within the Blackberry PlayBook’s features. As for the camera, you get a 5MP shooter with autofocus and video at 1080p@30fps for the rear camera and a 3MP shooter for the front camera. The Blackberry PlayBook unfortunately is only available in a black colour. Battery power is up to 10 hours on multimedia usage thanks to its 5300 mAH Li-Po battery.

Overall, the Blackberry PlayBook makes for a useful gadget to have in hand when on the go. You can find the Blackberry PlayBook in Philippines on iprice at the lowest prices comparing merchants from all over the world. Happy shopping!

BlackBerry PlayBook Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2011-08-29
Just the BlackBerry PlayBook undergoing traditional One-Handed TechPinas Unboxing (OHTU). 16GB, 32GB and 64GB Wifi Only BB PlayBook variants sell for Php 23,990, Php 28,990 and Php 33,990, respectively. TP TIP: BB PlayBook works best when paired w...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-20
The BlackBerry PlayBook is Research In Motion's (RIM) first foray in the tablet world. This 7-inch tablet gained a lot of accolades when it was announced in September last year. It was an exciting new product in a tablet market full of Androids and Apples...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-16
2011 is no doubt the year of the tablet. Even just a year ago, the concept of a tablet was foreign to many consumers. Tablets were seen as bulky and expensive mobile computers used by business professionals for serious work. However, Apple ushered in a ne...
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Reviewed on 2011-08-04
Best not to question Steve Jobs and the magical crystal ball they obviously keep locked in Apple offices.Of course the tab is now one of the hottest things in the tech world, with everyone getting in on the act, even saviors-of-the-financially-challenged-...
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Reviewed on 2011-07-22
They said 2010 was the year of the tablet, and we know that wasn't really true because one tablet to rule them all and a couple of tablets running mobile phone software doesn't make a "tablet year". But then they said 2011 is the year of the tablet, and n...
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Reviewed on 2011-07-21
A BlackBerry PlayBook Review from an Everyday BlackBerry UserEver since Research In Motion (RIM) released a 7-inch tablet that runs on a dual-core 1 GHz processor, everyone's been pretty excited about getting their hands on it. We finally had a chance to ...
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Reviewed on 2011-07-14
We're all too familiar with Android tablets and the iPad so when we were introduced to the BlackBerry Playbook with its own mobile operating system, we paused for a while to re-think the UI, navigation and over-all usability. Read our full review of RIM's...
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Reviewed on 2011-07-04
All eyes were on Research In Motion (RIM) when the company announced their first tablet, the BlackBerry PlayBook in September last year . Many industry analysts saw the PlayBook as the magic bullet that could possibly put RIM back in the game. 2010 saw fi...
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Reviewed on 2014-04-29
The Blackberry Playbook launched some time ago but with a few updates has been able to mature. However, this tablet still has a long way to go before it competes with the best tablets available and is only likely to suit those who pair it with a Blackberr...
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Reviewed on 2014-04-10
The BlackBerry PlayBook is geared toward enterprise customers, and offers both HTML5 and Flash goodness, as well as 1080p video, an HDMI port, microUSB port, and videoconferencing via dual onboard cameras. It will ship with a 1GHz dual-core Cortex process...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-04
Offers HD video playback of 1080p, Dualcore processor ensures speedy operation, The camera is exceptionally good, Has a great battery life, The design is simply splendid, Comes at a truly affordable priceDoes not have too many apps, Does not support 3G, Has no memory extension facility
Blackberry Playbook offers a combination of powerful features and a brand new operating system, which are enough to woo a lot of users. Although RIM had initially intended Playbook to be an enterprise focused tablet, it has become extremely popular in the...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-01
The BlackBerry PlayBook isn't just the third major tablet platform to launch, or the first one to deeply poke at figuring out why 7-inch tablets should exist—it's literally the future of BlackBerry, since the QNX-based OS is going to be the gooey software...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-01
The BlackBerry PlayBook isn't just the third major tablet platform to launch, or the first one to deeply poke at figuring out why 7-inch tablets should exist—it's literally the future of BlackBerry, since the QNX-based OS is going to be the gooey software...
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Reviewed on 2013-09-25
Let me emphasise the positive first. It's delightful to hold and watch. It has a chunky, solid feel, a super-quick brain, a great display of an optimum size and a superb rubbery back so it doesn't slip like an iPad does. An overall feeling of quality and ...
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Reviewed on 2012-11-29
Ease of Use, Performance: 1/5 Look & Feel: 5/5 Features 4/5 How much I enjoy 2/5Total: 3/5 StarsResearch In Motion or RIM as many have become fond of saying has released a new update in software to their PlayBook tablet and I have the fun task of reviewin...
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Reviewed on 2012-10-12
Solid hardware and build quality, Superb email functionality and social networking integration, Easytouse interface with touchsensitive bezels, Fully functional without a BlackBerry smartphone to tether, Good speakers on each side for watching video, Vivi...Still no expandable storage, OS can be finicky at times, No native thirdparty integration, Official apps from Alist thirdparty developers are missing
The news that RIM is quickly headed for extinction has been greatly exaggerated . Sure, RIM is no longer a top handset manufacturer. And though the company is not profitable—it's still losing money and market share—it is managing to keep its head above wa...
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Reviewed on 2012-07-30
1080p HD video playback, Fast dualcore processor, Bright screen, Super cheapToo few apps, Small screen, Clunky interface, Weak battery
Update: With more price drops for the BlackBerry tablet, we've taken yet another look at the Playbook to see if it's finally worth the cash, in light of a 4G PlayBook coming later this year.It's probably fair to say that the BlackBerry Playbook had someth...
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Reviewed on 2012-06-29
Fast dualcore processor, Bright screen, Affordable, True MultitaskingFew applications, Clunky interface, No SIM support
At present, there are various brands that have brought latest tablets now and then, with most of them failed to impress the masses. On the other hand, there are companies which seldom bring out new and innovative gadgets, like BlackBerry. This time this k...
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Reviewed on 2012-05-29
Incipio has a wide variety of cases for your PlayBook, and while The Hive is not exactly the best, it certainly is the most stylish of the bunch.The Hive is a sillicone case that has a hexagonal pattern on the back resembling a bee hive, which is, of cour...
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Reviewed on 2012-04-27
659Pros: Good battery life; good number of ports and buttons.Cons: Medium performance; no biometrics. We liked that the ThinkPad had 64G of hard drive space. Its 1G of memory was the average amount for those we looked at this time around, so that is ...
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