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From ₱ 68,800.00 The Roadster XL offers a best in class protection system that combines key safety elements with comfort and convenience features, like the QuickFlip recline foot and Dura Flex fabrics, so you and your child feel better in all aspects. New High Impact Energy Absorbing Technology We looked closely at a child's protection needs at all levels of crash severity and created the state-of-the-art Roadster XL. Its strategic combination of protective materials and padding maintain their structure and absorb impact energy throughout extreme crash scenarios. Energy management technology is engineered into the shell and offers world class crash protection during high impact crashes and reduces forces transferred to the child. Ergonomic Expertise: The ergonomical shape is designed to provide optimum comfort while protecting and supporting the fragile body of growing children. Side Impact Structure: The ingeniously designed structure features energy management technology that has been rigorously tested to meet and exceed industry standards. Its distinctive racing-inspired protective structure with deep side wings embrace, shield and stabilize. Premium Materials: Premium materials and protective padding maintain their structure and absorb impact energy during extreme crash scenarios. Refined high density plastics, strong metals, premium buckles and belts and high density cushions provide additional support with maximum comfort. The Roadster XL's premium Dura Flex fabrics are durable fabrics that cushion and cradle your child with 4 way stretch while remaining soft on their skin. The temperature-balancing Dura Flex fabrics also feature air flow channels, and combined with the built-in shell vents, create a Dual Air Flow Comfort System to keep your child cool and comfortable The Roadster XL has two recline positions. The QuickFlip recline foot ensures a precise and easy installation by providing extra inches for level to ground adjustments and increased comfort
Performance Coupe
From ₱ 42,794.00 Recaro Performance Coupe Infant Seat. The Recaro Performance Coupe Infant Seat exemplifies performance in every detail. It is engineered to assure parents that their child will be protected with racing-inspired superior safety features such as full body side impact protection, strap twist-preventing safety-stripes and Hero harness technology. The infant pillow keeps your baby snug and removes easily when it is outgrown. The easy to read bubble level indicator and exclusive dual-adjust knob and flip foot ensure precise installation of the base. The Performance Coupe also features an easy-off cover that quickly removes and reattaches, without the need for harness rethreading, for last minute cleanings. The 5-point harness adjusts easily with a one-handed pull and features 5 height and 2 buckle positions to accommodate your growing child. The Recaro Performance Coupe Infant Seat has best in class comfort features. The luxurious, temperature-balancing fabrics ensure a fuss-free ride while cloud comfort memory foam contours to your baby's delicate shape. The extra large, multi-position canopy protects against harsh lighting and weather elements. The Performance Coupe is designed with over 100 years of German engineering influence and quality American craftsmanship. Hero Harness Technology Hero is an exclusive, innovative safety feature by Recaro. Hero ensures the highest level of protection by positioning the shoulder pads to appropriately fit the child's neck, head and shoulders. It provides superior comfort and resists harness twisting while ensuring proper chest clip positioning.

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First Class Plus
From ₱ 11,489.00 Britax Römer Car Seat First Class Plus The Britax Römer First Class Plus is a car seat which concerns all car seat groups. It is to be installed in a rear-facing mode when your child weighs between 0 and 13 kg and later on in a forward-facing mode when your little one weighs between 9 kg and 18 kg. The First Class Plus provides optimum side impact protection as well as outstanding comfort. Group/ weight category: * Group 0+/ 1/ suitable for children weighing from 0 to 18 kg * Suitable for children from birth up to 4 years of age Conforms to the norm: * ECE R44/04 The deep, soft padded side wings supply your child with optimum side impact protection while the spacers reduce a shifting of the head as well as the level of stress in case of an accident. You little one is to be secured with a five-point harness and the First Class Plus with the three-point harness of your car respectively. The spring-loaded shoulder belt control ensures a correct and easy installation of the car seat. Britax Römer’s First Class Plus comes with a slim seat frame which makes it particularly suitable for vehicles with strongly shaped seats. The belt can be positioned in two different options (requires the car seat to be used in a forward-facing mode) which is perfect for cars with shorter belts. The height-adjustable five-point harness features a central belt length adjustment. This way, you can easily adapt the belts of the car seat to your child’s size. Furthermore, the First Class Plus comes with an audible Click & Safe security system which makes a click as soon as the right belt tension is set. Special performance chest pads reduce a shifting of the head as well as the level of stress in case of an accident. The First Class Plus’s seat insert which can be used right from birth up to a weight of approx. 8 kg, consists of 100% cotton and supplies your child with extra comfort and support. An extended sleeping position with the seat insert provides a natural sleeping behaviour (requires the car seat to be used in a rear-facing mode). If the Britax Römer car seat First Class Plus is used in a forward-facing mode, you can easily adjust its sitting position in five different levels without waking your child up. Trendy colours as well a cool designs make the First Class Plus have something for everyone. All fabrics used are easy to clean and feature a soft and smooth surface. The covers can be removed and machine washed if required. Details: * Rear-facing mode from birth up to 13 kg * Forward-facing mode form 9 kg to 18 kg * Installation via three-point harness, two options to position the belt (if car seat is used in a forward-facing mode) * Special performance chest pads, buckle pads * Audible Click & Safe security system * Extended recline position and seat insert * Spring-loaded shoulder belt control for correct and easy installation * Deep, soft padded side wings for optimum side impa...
Kid II
From ₱ 6,869.00 Britax Römer Highback Booster Car Seat Kid II In the Britax Römer Kid II child car seat your offspring moves comfortably and safely in the car. It is characterized by an optimum side impact protection and a high level of user friendliness. The new intuitive belt guides allow for correct positioning of the 3-point belt. In this way, the risk of possible errors in belting your child to the seat are reduced. Group / weight class: * Group 2/3 * For children weighing 15 to 36 kg * From about 4 to 12 years old Complies with: * ECE R44/04 For a perfect side-impact protection, provide the deep, softly padded side wings. The resulting event of a side impact forces are absorbed by the side bolsters and so the load on your child is reduced. During rest and sleep enter the side bolsters your little passenger support while guaranteeing a correct posture. The V-shaped back of the Britax Römer Kid II provides a perfect fit on the overall development of your child. In addition, the back of the child seat fits adjustable to the angle of the vehicle seat back. The intuitive belt guides lead the 3-point seat belt correctly over the shoulders and the pelvis of your little passenger - away from the neck and belly. The headrest of the Kid II is multiple adjustable in height so that they can always be optimally adapted to the size of your child. The cover of the seat is softly padded and can be removed for washing. With a weight of 5.1 kg the Kid II is very light and gives you easy switching between vehicles when needed. The Britax Römer Kid II is installed with the 3-point seat belt in the car. Trendy colors and cool designs, as is guaranteed for all tastes. All fabrics are easy to clean and have a pleasant soft surface. Product details Britax Römer Kid II Highback Booster Car Seat: * Suitable for children aged 4 - 12 Years * Suitable from 15 to 36 kg * installation forward facing with the 3-point-belt of the vehicle (no Isofix) * Intuitive belt guides reduces errors when strapping * Depth, high and soft sidewalls are responsible for all round very good side impact protection * Particularly lightweight child car seat allows easy switch between vehicles * V-shaped backrest provides perfect fit on the overall development of the child * Height adjustable headrest and seat belt * Soft padded seat cover * Cover for washing easily removable * Made in Germany * Weight: 5.1 kg * Height: 68 - 85 cm * Width: 49 cm * Depth: 45 cm
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