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Fitbit Alta prices in Philippines

With the Fitbit Alta, you can keep track of your fitness while being stylish at the same time! Sporting a sleek design and a host of features, the Fitbit Alta is the accessory of choice for anyone who wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Find out more about the Fitbit Alta below.

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Hong Kong HKD 1,150
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Singapore SGD 148

Fitbit Alta – Keeping Fit Never Looked Better

Fitbit is one of the most well-known activity-tracking wearables company, covering a huge portion of the market share and encompassing a large following worldwide. Nowadays, however, competition have increasingly stiffer, as more companies are introducing their own versions of fitness trackers. Hence, to counter these competitors, Fitbit has introduced the Fitbit Alta into their portfolio. The Alta not only looks great, but it also has other features that set it apart from competitors.

Fitbit Alta – Effortlessly Stylish Design

In terms of design, the Alta is easily the best-looking amongst its Fitbit siblings. It is only 15mm in width, making it one of Fitbit’s slimmest wristband activity trackers thus far. Its chamfered metal frame adds to the overall aesthetic value, making it look sleek and more visually appealing.

To add more variety to its looks per your preference, the tracker itself is fitted with clips that allow for easy removal and exchange of straps. The Alta comes with a default flexible elastic strap, but there are leather options available in the market, as well as a metal link bracelet option for that smarter look. This feature also has another plus point – you do not have to replace the whole tracker if you damaged the band somehow.

Fitbit Alta – Commendable Features on a Mid-Range Activity Tracker

Despite its mid-range price tag, the Alta still features a host of functions – combining activity-tracking and smartwatch capabilities. The Alta features the basic activity tracking capabilities, such as determining your steps taken, distance traveled, burned calories, et cetera. The Alta has a sleep monitoring function that records your sleep patterns and notifies you on when you were restless, your length of sleep, and average sleep time. Knowing your sleep patterns is essential information to have, as having a good night’s sleep is one of the top priorities when maintaining fitness.

In the meantime, the Alta also adds smartwatch functions into the fray. The Caller ID function will notify the wearer on who is calling and if the caller is in your phone’s contact list. The Alta can also display text messages onscreen, so you need not reach into your pockets or bags for your phone to keep track of incoming messages.

Impressive OLED Display for Sharper Legibility

Besides its svelte and stylish aesthetics, the Alta sports an impressive 1.4-inch OLED tap display. The OLED display comes with a 128 x 36pixel resolution, making Alta’s screen easily legible even when viewed outdoors under bright sunlight. Information presented on the screen is simplistic yet sharp and clear, hence there are no issues when reading the information while you are in motion.

Fitbit Alta Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2017-10-16
The Fitbit Alta is a slim and stylish activity tracker that has an informative display and a range of fitness functions but lacks some of the more serious sports features found in Fitbit's higher-level activity trackers. It's fashionable with a lot of d...
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Reviewed on 2017-08-08
Should you buy that one instead? Well, you're paying a lot more for only marginally more in terms of features, so it depends on how much you value heart rate monitoring. It's a useful metric, certainly, but if you decide you want that, then the Fitbit Cha...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-10
This tracker struts a gorgeous look. I really dig the angular shapes found on the module and the swappable bands can help you stand out from a crowd of joggers, Battery life is important to me, and I'm glad that Fitbit is among the small list of companies...The Fitbit Alta wins big as a reliable tracker of fitness-related tasks, but the inclusion of a touchscreen seems pointless. The touch gestures (tap twice to power on, once again to turn a page) rarely work as advertised and there's really no depth or uni...
Fitbit wants you to know that now, more than ever, it makes a model that can match your taste. The Alta is the popular fitness tracker company's latest attempt to reach the last remaining few holdouts who haven't been sold on its previous efforts, like th...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-06
Fitbit has announced the Alta HR, bringing heart rate tracking to its slim and stylish fitness tracker. The Alta was a fabulous device for basic tracking but it missed out on a couple of features that stopped it being excellent. Does the Fitbit Alta HR ha...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-06
The Fitbit Alta is a stylish, slim wristband that will appeal to people who prefer their tracker to be discreet but fashionable. A new Alta HR model has just been released that add a heart-rate monitor and much-improved sleep-monitoring features. Fitbit c...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-25
Sends hourly movement reminders, Displays smartphone notifications, SmartTrack senses the type of exercise, Sweat and splashproof, Interchangeable wristbands, Easy-to-swipe touchscreen, User-friendly app, Sleek and comfortable fit, Automatic sleep trackin...Hard-to-use strap, Tough to read in sunlight, No heart rate monitor, Relatively short battery life
The Fitbit Alta was popular with our testers and performed well during our lab tests. The tracker has a stylish design, with a touchscreen that displays all the information you need to track your daily activity like steps and calories burned. It's suppose...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-08
As regular readers will know, I've become a complete convert to the Apple Watch . But the Watch isn't for everyone: it's relatively expensive, fairly chunky and for most users has one-day battery-life.I've been trying the Fitbit Alta for the past week, an...
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Reviewed on 2016-10-02
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Reviewed on 2016-08-17
When it comes to fitness in the Lazygamer office, there's only one person you should talk to – me. Hang on, really? I run and cycle every now and then, but that doesn't make me a health or nutrition expert, not by any means.Still, that didn't stop the res...
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Reviewed on 2016-08-16
Hey, may just get you fit, comfortable to wear, free tracking app, automatically switches to exercise mode as required, easy charging connectionBand catch can be difficult, no kilojoules energy display option
Perhaps the new wave of smart watches will threaten the producers of fitness bands. Perhaps not. But for whatever reason industry veteran Fitbit continues to release new and improved models of its ‘Trackers' some of which are themselves encroaching on sm...
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Reviewed on 2016-07-11
If a fitness tracker were a person, what would that person be like? That person would be fit (of course!). It would be a she (and why not?). And, she would be as nimble as she is sturdy. Toned but not chiseled – more like Gal Gadot as opposed to a Ronda R...
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Reviewed on 2016-07-01
Best Fitbit design to date, excellent 5-day battery life, comfortable to wear, nice display, notifications, accurate step-tracking, fantastic app platformNo heart-rate monitoring, no altimeter, no waterproofing, inaccurate distance-tracking, display not always super responsive nor visible in bright light
Fitbit is arguably one of the most well-known companies when it comes to activity tracking, monopolising around 70 per cent of the market. It not only offers a huge selection of devices in comparison to its competitors, but it also offers an excellent int...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-09
Thin and stylish, Accurate automatic sleep and activity tracking, Great battery life, Helpful hourly reminders to moveSmartTrack sometimes detects exercise when there is none, Notifications aren't very useful, No waterproofing, Classic and leather straps can be a hassle to put on
If you've ever been in the market for a fitness tracker, chances are you have heard of Fitbit. The company is the obvious leader in wearable devices, as per reports from market researcher IDC, but it has been facing growing competition from Apple, Xiaomi...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-09
Looks less like a fitness tracker with slim, sleek design, Tracks workouts like running automatically and accurately, High-quality interchangeable bandsDisplay can slow to respond to tapping
Fitbit's lineup of activity-tracking bands runs the gamut, from the totally basic $60 Zip to the powerful cardio companion, the $250 Surge. The new Fitbit Alta is a sleeker, more stylish fitness band than the company has attempted before, and with its lau...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-09
Fitbit's lineup of activity-tracking bands runs the gamut, from the totally basic US$60 Zip to the powerful cardio companion, the US$250 Surge. The new Fitbit Alta is a sleeker, more stylish fitness band than the company has attempted before, and with its...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-09
Looks less like a fitness tracker with slim, sleek design, Tracks workouts like running automatically and accurately, High-quality interchangeable bandsDisplay can slow to respond to tapping
Fitbit's lineup of activity-tracking bands runs the gamut, from the totally basic $60 Zip to the powerful cardio companion, the $250 Surge. The new Fitbit Alta is a sleeker, more stylish fitness band than the company has attempted before, and with its lau...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-09
There is one thing that is common about all Fitbit Fitness Trackers. not-so attractive design…in-fact there is no design if I have to put it up blunt forward. This is the reason every-time I have to move into parties, or social gathering the band used to...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-05
Comfortable design with small dimensions and light weight, Durable and relatively fast charging battery, Convenient Fitbit app, displaying detailed info and statistics about your activity, Notifications in case of phone calls, texts and events, It tracks...The band requires more effort to be pinned on, Not a very responsive display
Fitbit is a popular manufacturer of wearable tech and we are not surprised by the great variety of devices that bear this brand. One of the most discussed bracelets is Alta. This is why today's review is dedicated namely to this model and Fitbit's mobile...
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Reviewed on 2016-05-26
While Fitbit has looked increasingly to the high-end of the fitness tracking market with its last three product releases; Charge HR, Surge, and the 2016 Blaze, their second new product for the year turns its attention back to the lower-end of the market...
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Reviewed on 2016-05-23
Small and sleek design, detects your activities and requires no action apart from wearing and charging, excellent companion appScreen sometimes nonresponsive, not waterproof
The Fitbit Alta is the company's best ever fitness band that can be worn 24/7 to count your steps, track your sleep, help count your calories and give you an excellent overview of your activity level.For anyone who wants to get into shape or stay in shape...
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