Fitbit Flex Price List June, 2021 & Specs in Philippines

Ooohh weee! The Fitbit Flex is here in the Philippines to get your fitness on track. From the geniuses that made the Fitbit Charge and Surge comes the incredible Fitbit Flex. Made to track your lifestyle, the Flex comes with all day activity, auto sleep and alarms, along with a variety of other features, you will love the Fitbit Flex. Find out more about Fitbit Flex in Philippines here.

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Ooohh weee! The Fitbit Flex is here in the Philippines to get your fitness on track. From the geniuses that made the Fitbit Charge and Surge comes the incredible Fitbit Flex. Made to track your lifestyle, the Flex comes with all day activity, auto sleep and alarms, along with a variety of other features, you will love the Fitbit Flex. Find out more about Fitbit Flex in Philippines here.

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Cheapest Fitbit Flex Price in Philippines is ₱ 5,703.78

The Fitbit Flex is now available in Philippines. The cheapest Fitbit Flex price in Philippines is ₱ 5,703.78 from Amazon. You can also choose between different Fitbit Flex variants with Black starting from ₱ 5,703.78. Fitbit Flex price details are updated June 2021.

Fitbit Flex Price Guide

Price List by Country for Fitbit Flex

Country International Price Price in PHP
Hong Kong HKD 796.12 ₱ 4,990.00
Indonesia IDR 1.952.100 ₱ 6,577.00
Malaysia MYR 485.96 ₱ 5,704.00
Philippines PHP 5,703.78 ₱ 5,704.00
Singapore SGD 126.96 ₱ 4,597.00

Fitbit Flex Price in Philippines by Variants

Variants Price Store
Fitbit Flex Black ₱ 5,703.78 Amazon
Fitbit Flex Lime Offer unavailable

Fitbit Flex Specs

Display Size 5.5"
Display Resolution 12 x 24pixels
Display Type LED
Display Material Glass
Fitness Tracker Yes
Heart Rate Monitor No
Blood Oxygen No
Music Control No
Sleep Tracker Yes
Stress Tracker Yes
Messaging Yes
Menstrual Tracker No
Pedometer No
Battery Life 120h
Charging Normal Charging
Battery Type Li-Polymer
Battery Capacity 240mAh
Bluetooth Version 4
Wi-Fi No
Bluetooth Yes
Technical Details
Water Resistant Depths 50m
Speaker No
Water Resistant Yes
Built-in Microphone No
Operating System
OS Fitbit
iOS Compatibility Yes
Android Compatibility Yes
Windows Phone Compatibility Yes
Internal Storage 0.03GB
Brightness Sensor No
Acceleration Sensor Yes
Gyro Sensor No
Barometer Sensor No
Body Colour Black
Dimensions (W x H x D) 15.2 x 10.2 x 208.3mm
Weight 11g
Body Material Plastic
Body Shape Rectangular
Strap Material Silicone
Removable Strap Yes
Strap Colour Black
Processor Core Single Core
Processor Speed 1.2GHz

Fitbit Flex in Philippines

As is such, Fitbit has come up with ingenious inventions to keep you on track with your fitness. The Fitbit Flex is one of the latest in its line-up. Sporting military-grade quality in its durable wristband, along with a display that keeps you updated, the Fitbit Flex is one device you need to enhance your life. The Fitbit Flex may not be much of a looker, but it definitely makes up in terms of specs. Read further to find out more about Fitbit Flex in Philippines.

Keeping track of daily activities is easy

Keeping track of daily activities has never been easier. The Fitbit Flex encompasses all aspects of your fitness by keeping track of steps, distance covered, calories burned, floors climbed, active minutes, hourly activity and even stationary time! Just glance at its screen to get an overview of your daily progress.

Easy pairing

The beauty of today’s fitness trackers from Fitbit is the ability to pair seamlessly with other devices. Simply pair the Fitbit Flex via Bluetooth to your smartphone or laptop with no hassle at all. Get a load of all the functions by setting up a simple connection. Set up your music and other notifications with no problem at all. You can even control songs from your mobile playlist. These features make the Fitbit Flex perfect for running, high-intensity workout or just any other form of fitness activity.

As for battery life, you get up to 7 days without activity and up to 10 hours or so with maximum action. Even when inactive, the Fitbit Flex will monitor your progress. Keep track of sleep with Auto Sleep and Alarms features. All these features give you a holistic view on your health and fitness. The next time you head in for a health check, you can simply refer to your Fitbit Flex for all the minute details. Now that you know more about the Fitbit Flex, it’s time to get shopping.

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Reviews of Fitbit Flex
Reviewed on 2018-11-13
I've tested dozens of these wrist gadgets, but I've never bought one for myself. Now, I think, it's time. But which one? The Apple Watch? A Fitbit thing?I decided to conduct a little reality-show competition on my arm. I resolved...
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Reviewed on 2015-06-15
Simple elegant design, Good price, Light and comfortable body, Water resistant, Accurate, High battery life, Discrete alarm (vibration)
Lack of OLED display, Doesn't monitor heartbeat, Takes time to get used to sleeping with it
“Starting next Monday I'm going to eat healthier and exercise “– I think most of us have given that promise to ourselves, but the lack of time, desire and motivation typically become excuses to wait for the right Monday. However, if we had a personal trai...
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Reviewed on 2015-05-21
I've tested dozens of these wrist gadgets, but I've never bought one for myself. Now, I think, it's time. But which one? The Apple Watch? A Fitbit thing?I decided to conduct a little reality-show competition on my arm. I resolved to take the winner of thi...
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Reviewed on 2014-08-14
I sit at a desk too much. I drink too much coffee. I don't sleep very well. I have an odd feeling those three things might be connected. This thing on my wrist agrees with that assessment.After a few months of wearing and interacting with a fitness tracke...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-12
If you've noticed all of the fitness tracker craze, you've definitely heard of the Fitbit brand. While I'm not an avid gym goer, I was sure that an activity tracker would make me a bit more aware of how much I was or wasn't moving.On my search for reliabl...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-08
Overall Score4.88FunctionalityDurabilitySoftwareRecommend to Friends?With all the different activity trackers on the market today it can be hard to decide which one to go with. Many questions race through my mind like, “Can I get it wet?”, “How long will ...
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Reviewed on 2014-05-07
If you haven’t noticed it yet, wearable fitness trackers are increasingly becoming essential companion devices to our smartphones . With the availability of these gadgets, they’re ushering in this new found resurgence in personal fitness management – e...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-12
Comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, Great battery life, Interchangeable bands are available in lots of color options, Cheaper than many other options, Custom alarms let you remind yourself of anything with a gentle vibration on your wrist...
Calorie count is exaggerated in my experience, as is step count in some instances, Clasp on the band can easily get snagged and come undone
The Flex by Fitbit is a fitness tracker that lets you monitor your steps, distance, calories, and even food intake. It's lightweight, versatile, and can be swapped out for many different colors on the cheap. As trendy as it may be, how good is it at actua...
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Reviewed on 2014-03-05
Comfortable desig, Multiple color option, Appealing and intuitive ap, Plugs into several third-party apps
Difficult to put o, Display supplies minimal inf, Lacks heart rate tracking
Fitbit has built a strong portfolio of connected fitness products that help users meet their goals. However, the market for fitness trackers is rapidly expanding, with many competitors bringing big innovations to the table. Is the Fitbit Flex worth the $9...
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Reviewed on 2014-01-30
It has a very minimalist design, Water resistant, Available in a variety of colors, Mobile app is extremely comprehensive
Proprietary charging port, Misinterprets hand movements as steps sometimes
If you didn’t realize it before, CES 2014 ushered in the proliferation of the wearable fitness tracker, as several big and small companies announced their models that are on schedule for this year. Already having its feet wet in the category, long time...
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Reviewed on 2014-01-17
Wireless syncing over Bluetooth 4.0, Convenient, simple LED display, Competitively priced, Clean, attractive design with multiple color options
Sleep tracking is inconsistent at best, Database of nutritional data is disappointing
More Info Jawbone Up review (2012) Fitbit announces the Flex wristband, a $100 fitness tracker Fitbit updates Android app with wireless syncing We have truly entered the era of the quantified self. Editorials are shouting it from the rooftops, technologis...
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Reviewed on 2013-11-14
The flex is an interesting entry to Fitbits line of activity tracking devices. Being the first device designed specifically for the wrist, it also represents a major update in functionality from its predecessors. While it can be argued that the original f...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-25
The Fitbit Flex is easy to use once you get it out of that atrocious packaging. We found it funny that the little plastic piece inside the package that the Flex band wraps around resembles a TIE Fighter. It's an unfortunate that taking the product out of...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-05
Cheap. Waterproof. Discrete, Sleep tracking function wakes you up gently by massaging your wrist (but not your partner, Lightweight wristband is comfortable. Available in multiple colours, NFC and Bluetooth 4.0, More accurate than the Jawbone Up
Display isn't informative, Few Android devices actually supported, We had some issues finding the app in local Arabian Play Stores (expect an update on this matter)
We checked it for a simple test of how it tracked steps compared to the Fuelband and the One from a day's journey to work and found that it offered only a marginal difference with the One and only a slight difference when compared to the Fuelband.Testing...
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Reviewed on 2013-07-02
FitBit has long been doing fitness wearables a lot longer than others, but now it's taking its heath-tracking technology to the next level with a fitness wristband — and it's one of the most impressive options we've seen so far.The water-resistant FitBit ...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-21
You'll never leave home without it. Battery lasts a full 7 days. Design makes it more unlikely to lose than a tracker with a clip design. If you are already in the Fitbit ecosystem – transistioning to the Fitbit Flex will be a breeze. It's light on your w...
Band is cheap feeling and difficult to close on your wrist by yourself. You will rely on the app or dashboard heavily for how you are doing throughout the day. Also, the indicators on the Fitbit Flex offer minimal information of your progress
Brands can only dream of becoming a necessity in every day life. That said, tablets, smartphones, and watches, are all items that most people use everyday. And very quickly, fitness gadgets are starting to become another tagalong item in your every day ro...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-18
Accurate (confirmed by comparing to the Fitbit One), cheaper thanf the Fuelband, 7day battery life
Requires a phone or computer to read stats, no low battery indicator, only compatible with select smartphones, doesn't track stairs
ike's Fuelband not only tracks your steps, calories burned, and connects you to a group of potential (and motivating) opponents, but offers an awe inspiring design that appeals to those that are style conscious. And while Fitbit's line of pedometers, more...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-15
The Silent alarm, Sleek, attractive, colorful, Bluetooth/wireless syncing, Real time data viewing, Waterproof, Long battery life
General lack of data precision, No detailed feedback without using the app, Only metric tracked is motion
While cycling or running we're accustomed to getting wired up to track metrics like heart rate, cadence, speed, pace, and GPS coordinates, but we've never tried going the “quantified self” route by keeping a digital record of the rest of our daily lives. ...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-11
For the past three weeks, I've been wearing the new Fitbit Flex, a new competitor in the health wristband market. As a former unofficial beta tester of the original Jawbone Up, I was excited to start using a new wristband to track my steps and sleep. With...
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Reviewed on 2013-06-03
Tracks steps like a champ. Unimposing and easy to wear. Long battery life. Cheap at $99
If you're already active, tracking steps and steps alone just isn't enough
The Fitbit Flex has been getting a good deal of positive press lately for its no-frills, light weight approach to activity tracking, and it's easy to see why: it's a good design. The heart of the Flex is a small Bluetooth dongle about the...
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