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Google Pixel C prices in Philippines

Move over Apple, there’s a new tablet in the market and its name is the Google Pixel C. Coming through to every android fan, Google introduces to the market not just the tablet they need, but also the tablet they deserve. Read more about it here!

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Google Pixel C Price by Country

Indonesia IDR 9,999,000
Malaysia MYR 3,965
Philippines PHP 43,729

Google Pixel C Philippines – The Android Tablet of Your Dreams

For those waiting patiently for an android tablet, don’t despair. For overlord Google has your back with an android tablet that doesn’t just work, but works well. Yes, the bar is that low. Something of a cross between a laptop and a smartphone, this tablet is framed by a sleek and powerful looking aluminum chassis that houses clear cut graphics paired with a fast performing 1.9 GHz quadcore. Sit tight, as the Pixel C has more features that are sure to fulfill your expectations and more.

100% Productivity

While there are many features of the Pixel C that deserve a mention, it is the Pixel C’s optional keyboard that grabs your attention and really steals the show. Sold separately from the Pixel C’s main body, the keyboard attachment is what truly differentiates the tablet from others and gives it something of an edge over the competition. Attached together through strong magnets, the Pixel C will automatically accommodate the attachment and shut off the on-screen keyboard without prompting.

Also acting as a shield for the Pixel C’s screen, never worry about scratching the tablets screen and enjoy the increased mobility this laptop-like tablet gives you and easily travel around with the Pixel C.

Graphics So Sharp You Could Cut Yourself

One of the most toted features of the Pixel C is its incredible graphics, that submerges users into its bright and sharp visuals the likes of which you’ve never seen on a tablet. Thanks to the NVidia Maxwell graphics card, this tablet is able to deliver the best visuals you’ll ever need for anything from work to gaming. Paired with a killer sound system, the Pixel C manages to be a great substitute for a gaming laptop, and is well suited for any gamers out there unwilling to commit to an expensive gaming PC.

Battery That Lasts

As is a staple with tablets of any type, the Pixel C is a long lasting machine that’ll see you through the day, with more than 12 hours of video playback, more than enough for work, class, or even as a gaming pad, and just about anything you can think of.

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