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Move over Apple, there’s a new tablet in the market and its name is the Google Pixel C. Coming through to every android fan, Google introduces to the market not just the tablet they need, but also the tablet they deserve. Read more about it here!

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₱ 134,269.00
₱ 109,642.00

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Google Pixel C Specs

Screen Size 10.2"
Display Resolution 2560 x 1800PX
Pixel Density 308ppi
Scratch Resistant
Screen Technology IPS
Resolution Back 8MP
Video Resolution Full HD
Resolution Front 2MP
Auto Focus
Memory Type DDR4
Battery Capacity 9240mAh
Battery Type Li-Polymer
Talk Time 12h
Processor Core Quad Core
Processor Speed 1.9GHz
Bit Architecture 64BIT
Weight 517g
Colours Silver
Dimensions 242 x 179 x 7mm
Storage 32GB
Release Year 2015
Operating System Android
Wi-Fi Standard 802.11g
Connector Port Micro USB
Streaming Standard Google Cast
DLNA Certified
Type of Speaker Stereo
Built-in Microphone

Google Pixel C Philippines – The Android Tablet of Your Dreams

For those waiting patiently for an android tablet, don’t despair. For overlord Google has your back with an android tablet that doesn’t just work, but works well. Yes, the bar is that low. Something of a cross between a laptop and a smartphone, this tablet is framed by a sleek and powerful looking aluminum chassis that houses clear cut graphics paired with a fast performing 1.9 GHz quadcore. Sit tight, as the Pixel C has more features that are sure to fulfill your expectations and more.

100% Productivity

While there are many features of the Pixel C that deserve a mention, it is the Pixel C’s optional keyboard that grabs your attention and really steals the show. Sold separately from the Pixel C’s main body, the keyboard attachment is what truly differentiates the tablet from others and gives it something of an edge over the competition. Attached together through strong magnets, the Pixel C will automatically accommodate the attachment and shut off the on-screen keyboard without prompting.

Also acting as a shield for the Pixel C’s screen, never worry about scratching the tablets screen and enjoy the increased mobility this laptop-like tablet gives you and easily travel around with the Pixel C.

Graphics So Sharp You Could Cut Yourself

One of the most toted features of the Pixel C is its incredible graphics, that submerges users into its bright and sharp visuals the likes of which you’ve never seen on a tablet. Thanks to the NVidia Maxwell graphics card, this tablet is able to deliver the best visuals you’ll ever need for anything from work to gaming. Paired with a killer sound system, the Pixel C manages to be a great substitute for a gaming laptop, and is well suited for any gamers out there unwilling to commit to an expensive gaming PC.

Battery That Lasts

As is a staple with tablets of any type, the Pixel C is a long lasting machine that’ll see you through the day, with more than 12 hours of video playback, more than enough for work, class, or even as a gaming pad, and just about anything you can think of.

Google Pixel C Expert Reviews
Reviewed on 2017-05-09
This is one of the best-looking Android tablets we've had the pleasure of using – and it's one of our favorite Android slates to date, We were wary of the Nvidia processor Google had opted for, but thankfully it performs well – you can throw pretty much a...There's really not a great deal to dislike about the Pixel C, and the negative points it does have are relatively minor, It is a bit on the heavy, bulky side, especially when compared to the svelte iPad Pro 9.7 and Galaxy Tab S3 – but it's not disastrous,...
Update: The Google Pixel C has a new software update, and some new competition in the iPad Pro 9.7 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. We've updated our Pixel C review to reflect these developments.The Pixel C was launched a little half-heartedly by Google during...
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Reviewed on 2017-04-12
Ever since the first Asus Transformer, companies have been trying to make a tablet that could actually be used for work. Microsoft's Surface has gradually been building momentum, Apple has followed with the iPad Pro, and now Google has joined the fray wit...
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Reviewed on 2017-02-25
It's clear that Google hasn't compromised on quality or performance with the Pixel C, but is Android really the best operating system to use for power-users...
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Reviewed on 2017-01-17
It's clear that Google hasn’t compromised on quality or performance with the Pixel C, but is Android really the best operating system to use for power-users?It's clear that Google hasn’t compromised on quality or performance with the Pixel C, but is Andro...
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Reviewed on 2016-11-07
Nicelooking, nicely made hardware. That screen is beautiful, and that processor is crazy fast. The roottwo aspect ratio is a smart oneWay too small to be really good at multitasking, and too small to be a great keyboard. Android's never been good for tablets, and it's not now either. Too many apps don't work or look good on the bigger screen
It's important that Google's new Pixel C tablet is a Pixel, rather than a Nexus . The Nexus lineup has always tried to be best-in-breed, proof that Android can be better than Samsung or HTC lets on. Pixel, on the other hand, proves a point. They built out...
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Reviewed on 2016-09-10
Android tablets are great, but they never quite seem to hit the heights set by the Apple iPad — neither in terms of build quality, weight, responsiveness, nor general versatility.In an attempt to change this, Google has released the Pixel C tablet (along...
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Reviewed on 2016-08-09
Welcome to the new age of Android tablets. The Google Pixel C has designs on being the new touch-plus-type tablet sheriff in town, and Apple's iPad Air 2 should watch its back. This thing's coming for its tablet crown.Having stepped up from the Nexus 7 an...
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Reviewed on 2016-07-22
Beautiful display, Premium build, Extremely long battery life, Fast and smooth performance,Incomplete software, Screen clicks when pushed, Expensive keyboard
After the silent death of Google Nexus 9, Google Pixel C has become the only tablet being listed on Google Store. Buying the Pixel C is also the best way to get pure Android in tablet form at the moment, however, it has to face many challenges as the tabl...
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Reviewed on 2016-06-08
Tablets were the big thing a few years ago, purportedly soon to displace PCs. It didn't happen, and tablet sales have been dropping for several years. Except for one kind of tablet: the kind with a detachable keyboard, epitomized by Microsoft's Surface Pr...
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Reviewed on 2016-05-15
£50Amazon's Fire tablet isn't an iPad, and doesn't try to be. It runs Android, although not Google's Android, and therefore doesn't come with Google apps or the Play Store. Instead it has access to the Amazon app store and Amazon's various media, book and...
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Reviewed on 2016-04-05
M ove aside Microsoft: it's taken Google to perfect the detachable hybrid design. The Pixel C, an Android tablet with a detachable keyboard, has trumped the Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro. It's the best detachable hybrid design yet, blasting past its rivals i...
Reviewed on 2016-02-10
Great display and sound, Snappy performance, Ingenious magnetic keyboardNo microSD slot, Disappointing battery life, Pricey
These aren't for Angry Birds. They're sleek, elegant tablets with outstanding features, such as the Samsung's split-screen multitasking and the Lenovo's pico projector for blowing videos and photos up to wall size. The Pixel C ranks with them by its cutti...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-07
great design, sophisticated materials, Android 6.0, fast SoC, 3 GB RAM, USB Type-C, very bright display, high viewing angle stability, good camera in daylight, long battery runtimesno microSD slot, no GPS, no WWAN, camera noise in low-light situations, keyboard costs 170 Euros extra
Notebook ambitions. Powerful SoC, good display, a brand-new Android 6.0 and even an optional keyboard: The 10.2-inch Google Pixel C wants to compete with high-end tablets and it can actually leave a very good impression in our review...
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Reviewed on 2016-02-05
Jon reviews the Google Pixel C, Google's first tablet designed in-house. Does he think it's a buy? Check out the video to find out!Read more about the Pixel C: Pixel C Pricing Info: tech goodness: Our video gear: Deals: us! Twitter: Facebook: Instagram: G...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-29
The build is where the Pixel line shines, as quality is one of Google's biggest ideas behind it. The Pixel C continues the trend that the Chromebook Pixel started. It is the little brother, if you will. Smaller in size and lesser in capability (and in pri...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-25
The Keyboard — I've never seen such a well-designed tablet accessory that delivers exactly what it promises. No flimsy, precarious placement; this keyboard attaches like a limpet, and performs exceptionally well, The Display — it's bright, its clear, it's...It runs Android — beautiful hardware design to one side, Android is the biggest limiting factor on the Pixel C. There's no multi-window functionality, though we're told it is coming. Many popular apps don't work well on tablets, including the Pixel C. Ins...
Android tablets have occupied an interesting space in today's technology landscape; somewhere between bargain basement junk that no one is ever actually seen buying, but they definitely buy, and moderately priced tablets that seem to be good at a superfic...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-25
In early 2010, Google and HTC launched the Nexus One . While it was designed in a partnership between Google and HTC, it represented Google's first step into the arena of smartphone hardware design. Since that time, having a Nexus device designed and manu...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-18
Pixel C is the first all-Google Android tablet. It has a 10.2-inch screen and is designed to be used with a companion keyboard that also doubles as a protective cover. The tablet isn't quite a total replacement for your laptop but it could qualify as the...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-13
Speed It's the fastest tablet I've ever used. Maybe even the fastest Android device, really. While it lacks any sort of splitscreen app functionality, transitioning between multiple running apps is insanely fast, Display It's a Pixel, so the display is cl...Android Yeah, Android. This tablet was clearly meant to run Chrome OS, but something happened and it didn't work out that way. Google would've been much better off just holding off on releasing this till Chrome OS was more touchfriendly. Android just isn'...
I've long been an advocate for the usefulness of Android tablets, but even I've been questioning my own words over the past year or so. After switching to a Chromebook Flip as my main laptop and tablet, I rarely even use my Android tablets for anything mo...
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Reviewed on 2016-01-12
Google announced the Pixel C along with the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P . But rather than partnering with LG, Huawei or one of its previous tablet partners, the Pixel C is designed entirely by Google, and manufactured by an unknown company in China. It's an And...
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