inPods 12 Price List July, 2021 & Specs in Philippines

From ₱ 251.00 to - ₱ 2,599.00
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Cheapest inPods 12 Price in Philippines is ₱ 254.00

The inPods 12 is now available in Philippines. The cheapest inPods 12 price in Philippines is ₱ 254.00 from Shopee. You can also choose between different inPods 12 variants with Pink starting from ₱ 299.00 and Yellow at ₱ 299.00. inPods 12 price details are updated July 2021.

inPods 12 Price Guide

inPods 12 Price in Philippines by Variants

Variants Price Store
inPods 12 White ₱ 259.00 Lazada
inPods 12 Blue ₱ 259.00 Lazada
inPods 12 Black ₱ 259.00 Lazada
inPods 12 Green ₱ 270.00 Lazada
inPods 12 Yellow ₱ 299.00 Shopee
inPods 12 Pink ₱ 299.00 Shopee

inPods 12 Specs

Retail Price 689.16

Everything you need to know about Inpods 12

Inpods 12 is a brand of wireless bluetooth headphones that most people can use for a wide variety of situations. Among some of the more useful features of using such a device is to use the i12 wireless bluetooth earphones as a way to have a hands free control while using your mobile device. Aside from using the Inpods 12 as a pair of wireless earphones to have a hands free or touch free control over your mobile device, the Inpods 12 wireless headphones are also capable of being used as a bluetooth headset for when you want to listen to audio while still being quiet around others. Another positive feature for the Inpods 12 is the inclusion of a microphone in the Inpods 12. This added feature would allow users of the wireless earphone to speak to one another and can be particularly useful in a video conference setup or in an online gaming match.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inpods 12

How long does it take for Inpods 12 to charge?

It takes approximately 70 minutes for the Inpods 12 to fully charge while the box for the Inpods 12 will take about an hour to fully charge. Charging time may also be affected depending on whether you are using it while charging the earphone. This means that charging times may be affected by what you do with the Inpods 12. The battery life of the Inpods 12 will give you a battery run time of approximately a day's worth of use but this is entirely dependent on how liberal you are with your usage.

Where can I purchase Inpods 12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Airpods?

You can purchase the Inpods 12 TWS Wireless Bluetooth Airpods product by visiting the website and select any of the products that you fancy. You'll then be redirected to a merchant that offers the selected product. Once you've confirmed your order, simply make the payment using the payment method of your choice. Upon checking out, all you need to do is to wait for your purchased product to safely arrive at your doorstep.

Is the Inpods 12 compatible with Android mobile devices?

The Inpods 12 is compatible with Android mobile devices. As it is compatible with that operating system, you may also want to use your wireless bluetooth earphone as a hands free or touch free tool to keep you safe while driving on the road. The earphone also comes with other features besides being a hands free tool such as having an excellent quality microphone that is perceptibly audible to the ear. Besides possessing an excellent quality microphone, one of the other noteworthy accessories from this wireless bluetooth would include a box which you can use for charging your headphones.

What accessories are included in a box of Inpods 12 TWS?

The accessories that are included in such a product would include a pair of headphones, a speaker, a microphone, a pair of earbuds, and many other noteworthy accessories. One of the other benefits of using this headset is that this headset can also double as a pair of makeshift earbuds. This pair of makeshift earbuds would allow the ear to hear a limited amount of perceptible audio. This would be great if you are looking to provide comfort for your ear by using the headphones as a makeshift ear protector. This would bode well as the headphones could also function as a makeshift headset too which will come in especially handy for an online gaming match where communication would be a vital ingredient for victory which necessitates the requirement to have an excellent quality headset.

What are the advantages of using a wireless earphone?

The advantages of using such an item can best be exemplified by the inherent safety that comes with using such a product. One of the advantages that this product can offer is the fact that you can drive your vehicle in a safe manner by not being occupied while using the steering wheel. Aside from that major advantage, another concomitant advantage would include having a much neater and less messy usage of the product as compared to a wired earphone.