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Intel Celeron N3050 prices in Philippines

Looking for the perfect entry level processor? We recommend the Intel Celeron N3050! Another one of Intels amazing processors, the Intel Celeron has been used in the construction of numerous laptops and may next find a home in your next laptop! Read more about it here.

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Intel Celeron N3050 Philippines – Perfectly Adequate

Everyone has probably heard of Intel, if not personally used their products themselves. Having been creating computer processors since as early as 1972 (ancient in computer time) and the creator of some of the most powerful computer processors in the PC world, Intel is a familiar brand for many. But while Intel has some truly amazing processors – the Intel Core-i7 comes to mind – let’s give a moment to praise one of Intels less popular products.

The Intel Celeron N3050. Created for netbook specific use, this processor was originally put on the market in March 2015 and is still going strong to this day. While it’s specs are hardly mind-blowing, it does just enough to get the job done and is exactly what you’d expect with its price.

Intel Celeron N3050 Philippines – Why Get It?

It may not be the processor of your dreams but if you let it, it’ll be the processor that works. Part of what was originally known as the Braswell platform, the Celeron N3050 can operate at a clock speed of 1.60 GHz straight out of the box and has been tested by Intel to be capable of overclocking speed up to 2.16 GHz.

It contains a dual-core CPU, which gives it slight potential for multi-tasking capabilities and just enough kick to operate simple daily tasks like browsing the internet or work related task like Microsoft Office applications.

With a cache size of 2 MB and 8 GB of max supported memory, it barely makes the cut for a regular laptop processor, but makes up for it with its amazing power dissipation of 6 watts and passive cooling ability. Paired with a DirectX 11.2-capable GPU, and a DDR3L Memory Controller, the Celeron N3050 is able to do not more or less of what you need it to.

Intel Celeron N3050 Philippines – The Graphics

The DirectX 11.2 previously mentioned is also found in the Broadwell series and has a hand in the graphics capabilities of the Celeron N3050. Containing HD Graphics (Braswell), the GPU is peculiar as it is almost twice as fast as the HD Graphics installed due to its clock speed of up to 600 MHz, yet still supports video viewing of up to 4K, but is unable to handle the complexities of gaming graphics.

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