Leica Sofort Price List July, 2021 & Specs in Philippines

Leica -a renowned brand in the world of photography - boasts a great selection of cameras and accessories. One of these is the Leica Sofort that has unique and impressive features, making your experience in photography worthwhile. Read more about Leica Sofort here.

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Leica -a renowned brand in the world of photography - boasts a great selection of cameras and accessories. One of these is the Leica Sofort that has unique and impressive features, making your experience in photography worthwhile. Read more about Leica Sofort here.

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Leica Sofort Specs

Release Date in Philippines
DateNov 2016
Technical details
Picture size62 x 46 mm
Product colourMint colour
ISO sensitivity (max)800
Light exposure modesAuto
Self-timer delay2,10 s
Operating temperature (T-T)5 - 40 °C
Fastest camera shutter speed1/400 s

Leica Sofort Philippines: Make Your Photography Experience Worthwhile

Many photographers and camera enthusiasts all over the world consider Leica as one of the best camera brands in the world. Its impressive array of cameras and accessories makes it a reference point in the world of digital photography. So, if you’re looking for a high-quality camera, chances are you will not look past one of its popular models – the Leica Sofort. Leica Sofort offers a premier standard in capturing beautiful images or photos.

Complements with Your Personality

Leica Sofort’s compact build and elegant look make it an ideal companion for hip and older people who are into photography. It comes in a selection of cool and contemporary colors to match your personality. There is the orange finish, which is a common choice for most older users. Whereas, most young and trendy users prefer the mint or white finish. Overall, Leica Sofort wields a perfect combination of functionality and style in its small and compact body.

Capture Life’s Special Moments with Ease

With Leica Sofort’s simple interface and very accessible hard buttons, capturing precious life moments has never been this easy. Whether you are out at a party or on a surf adventure, you can easily focus, snap, and capture these special moments quickly in a creative way. So, be inspired and use it for nature shots, family portraits, and other purposes since Leica Sofort can handle all these with ease.

Perfect for Every Kind of Occasion

Many photographers are fascinated by Leica Sofort's impressive features for its reasonable and affordable price tag. These features let them take control of everything – adjust the focusing distance, flash, and exposure compensation, etc. Also, Leica Sofort comes with various settings like selfie mode, macro, bulb, self-timer, automatic, party, and people, sport, and action, double exposure – all these programs are suitable for every kind of occasion. So, just select the one you prefer, focus on your subject and let the Leica Sofort get the job done.

Quality Accessories for Quality Photography

Leica will not be hailed as one of the best camera brands in the world if not for its accessories. One of the must-have accessories is Leica’s picture film which is something special. It makes every moment you capture have a remarkable finish and feel. It is available for both color and monochrome photos. Other popular Leica accessories are cases, mix-and-match straps, photo display, storage box (three-piece set), postcards (three-piece set), and photo album. Make your Leica Sofort even more flexible and user-friendly using these accessories, not to mention, protected wherever you go.

Reviews of Leica Sofort

Reviewed on 2017-09-22
Great design in some eye-catching colors. Intuitive controls make it easy and fun to shoot. Uses utterly ubiquitous, affordable Instax film. Rechargeable battery is convenient, and spares are affordable
Square shape can be hard to hold. Shutter button is inconveniently placed. Almost three times the cost of its Fujfilm-made cousin
When the Leica Sofort was announced last year, I was sure it was a hoax perpetrated by a savvy Photoshopper with too much time on her hands. Leica, the company best known for its high-end shooters, making a camera out of plastic? It seemed like a perfect...
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Reviewed on 2017-06-03
The Leica Sofort is the first venture into instant cameras – and a leap back into film – for the legendary German manufacturer. Announced late last year, the Sofort uses Fuji Instax film and can produce images in both colour or monochrome. Find out how it...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-01
Cool looking camera, Easy to use, Fun, Fits easily into a jacket pocket, Cool colors,
I really wish Leica did more here rather than creating a “Me too” camera, If you sit here and compare the Leica Sofort, Fujifilm Instax Mini 90, Lomography Lomo'Instant, and Lomography Lomo'Instant Automat you'll see that there isn't a whole lot different...
But like most Instax cameras, you may not be totally happy with the results. I however and completely fine with them.We used the Leica Sofort with Fujifilm Instax Mini film.Specs taken from the company's websiteThe Leica Sofort has a programme s...
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Reviewed on 2016-10-18
The Leica Sofort is a new instant film camera. Numerous modes and options are available on the camera, as well as creative programmes for multiple and timed exposures. For easier ‘selfies' the Leica Sofort features a rectangular mirror on the front, and...
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