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Lenovo A316i prices in Philippines

You know back in the day where you wanted a smartphone but most of them are insanely expensive? The Lenovo A316i was the answer; affordable, compact, and runs on Android Jelly Bean. Read more below!

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Lenovo A316i Price by Country

Malaysia MYR 469
Vietnam VND 1,295,000

Lenovo A316i Philippines

Compact and Affordable

It is no coincidence that affordable Android smartphones tend to be compact – it is more cost effective after all. Even in a world full of larger smartphones, compact smartphones still have their place. It is much easier to handle and much easier to pocket compared to the other larger giants. The Lenovo A316i has a compact 4-inch display that is sufficient enough for your daily usage and all of the great applications that you can download from the Android Play Store.

The Lenovo A316i’s 4-inch display has enough space for you to enjoy your favourite videos from your favourite video streaming applications, your favourite mobile games, and also for your favourite websites!

Easy to Handle

Compact smartphones can be easily used in one hand with just your thumb to navigate through the various menus and applications. This keeps things incredibly convenient as you will be able to multitask better and reduce the risk of actually dropping your smartphone as you try to wiggle your thumb around it. The Lenovo A316i also comes with a built-in GPS that works offline for those moments where you need to find your way but there is no signal coverage.


In the compact little body of the Lenovo A316i sits a pair of dual sim card slots that allow you to use two different numbers from different service providers. Dual sim allows you to separate your work and personal numbers more efficiently, or even if you are travelling it is a great way to use a local telephone number. You can even save money as you use two different service providers and take advantage of their great services.

Powered by Jelly Bean – Lenovo A316i Philippines

The Lenovo A316i uses a powerful 1.3Ghz dual-core processor for all of its tasks. Your applications can open quickly and switching between them feel incredibly smooth. Not only with applications will you see the power of the dual-core processor, the many menus and files you open on the smartphone also open quickly.

Android Jelly Bean also sits upon this smartphone’s specifications, with greater software optimization and many tweaks. Android runs efficiently on the Lenovo A316i and with many features built in, you can make the smartphone your very own.

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