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Lenovo A6010 Plus prices in Philippines

When it comes to pushing the boundaries of innovation, the powerful Lenovo A6010 Plus smartphone represents the state of the art product that combines immersive user experience with stunning technology. Read more about Lenovo A6010 Plus Philippines below to find out.

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Lenovo A6010 Plus Philippines - Pushing the Boundaries of Innovation

As one of the most successful smartphone brands in the recent years, Lenovo continues to pioneer groundbreaking designs that can change the way you look at smartphones. Despite being just a slight upgrade over the old Lenovo A6010, the Lenovo A6010 Plus actually delivers a host of exciting features that will enhance your mobile experience.

Lovely Design

Thanks to the simplicity of its design, the Lenovo A6010 Plus proves to be a highly appealing smartphone model that is just easy on the eyes. In addition, it bears such sleek silhouette that many will adore and approve. Moreover, many critics and customers just love this Lenovo smartphone because it is that attractive.

Weighing at just 128g, this Lenovo A6010 Plus is truly light since you can hold it comfortably with one hand only without straining too hard. Additionally, the Lenovo A6010 Plus is so slim that you can slip it easily inside your pocket or pouch without much trouble at all. Since this Lenovo smartphone has the thickness of 8.2mm, it also feels right within your palm. Hence, it is amazing that the Lenovo A6010 Plus has been designed to emphasize ergonomics in mind.

Impressively Gorgeous Display Quality

With its 5 inch IPS display screen (720 x 1280 resolution), the Lenovo A6010 Plus can provide tantalizing viewing experience as it delivers gorgeous visuals for the pleasure of your eyes. Packing such high pixel density, its display screen also exhibits sharper and clearer display quality.

As its display screen boasts IPS technology, this means that you can enjoy the same display quality whenever you are viewing from other angle. Moreover, you will be able to show and share your content to family and friends who enjoy the same quality as well.

Experience the Glorious Performance with Lenovo A6010 Plus Philippines

Outfitted with the powerful Qualcomm MSM8916 Snapdragon 410 processor, the Lenovo A6010 Plus can take care of any given tasks effortlessly. In other words, you will not be encountering any lag issues that can ruin your experience. Whether you are running several apps at the same time or switching between application, its 2GB RAM has been doing its job very well so that you will be enjoying more fluid process.

Snapping Photos with Relative Ease

When it comes to taking pictures, the Lenovo A6010 Plus possesses its incredible 13MP rear camera that can capture the perfect moment with relative ease. Impressively, its autofocus capability allows you to take clearer picture in an instant. Regarding selfies, you can thank its 5MP front camera in getting gorgeous and shareworthy selfies. In conclusion, the Lenovo A6010 Plus smartphone has been said to be best bargain as it merges price and performance in a promising package.

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