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LG 42LD450C prices in Philippines

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LG 42LD450C Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2011-01-27
The first element of a budget flat panel's specification to reflect the price is often design. We have now become used to ultra slim brushed metal finishes on our TVs, but not unsurprisingly, the LD450 is rather bland.Having said that, the glossy black...
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Reviewed on 2010-12-30
LG comes out of the gate beating its chest with its 42LD450 LCD HDTV ($799.99 list) claiming it is "The best picture. Period." The company's no-frills approach to HD television is somewhat rare these days, though there are some features in this TV uniq...
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Reviewed on 2010-11-20
We’ve had a good look at affordable small-screen HDTV offerings from other manufacturers, but LG Electronic’s lower-end LCD TVs have managed to stay off our radar. That changes now, since we’ve spent the last week or so squeezing the most out of the LG...
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Reviewed on 2010-10-29
The LG 32LD450 ($650 MSRP) is an inexpensive LCD TV. It offers the benefit of outstanding color performance, but it lacks the showy, high-contrast performance that Samsung and Sony make a big deal about. The LG 32LD450 has its flaws, but ultimately, we...
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Reviewed on 2010-09-01
Televisions are overpriced. People spend thousands of dollars to buy the latest, fantastic TV with more features. For me it always comes down to picture quality and the price paid for it. This is where the LD450 beats all. Great picture, no features g...
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