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This LG smartphone is meant to be better and stronger than its predecessor. Despite LG Philippines’ uncertainty on the LG G Flex 3 release date, you should still look forward for the day this curved smartphone hits the market. Read more about LG G Flex 3 below.

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News on LG G Flex 3

LG G Flex 3 Philippines – Much Anticipated Curved Smartphone

While we know LG Philippines as one of the best appliance brands, the South Korean electronics company also produces smartphones that are on par with other phones from bigger brands. In 2013, the brand launched its first curved smartphone, the LG G Flex, which can improve the quality of sound and display of the phone as well as provide ample ergonomic support.

Why the curve?

Just like all its predecessors, the LG G Flex 3 will be curved to increase your smartphone experience to the max. LG Philippines describes that this curvature will help deliver better voice and sound quality when you’re on the phone and it can increase the audio level by 3dB, higher than the typical smartphones. Other than that, the curved design will give you more comfort when you hold it against your ear as the curve fits just right against your face. The curve also offers you an IMAX-like viewing experience, allowing you to comfortably watch your media from every angle.

A phone that self-heals?

We can expect that the rear of the LG G Flex 3 will be covered with a coating that would automatically “heal” scratches and scuffs, just like its predecessors. After a few minutes of being scuffed, the self-healing coating will erase any scratches automatically. The healing process can be accelerated if your phone is warmed up through regular app usage or by placing it in your pocket.

What’s the difference?

The LG G Flex 3 will use a different processor, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 chipset instead of the 810. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 used to power the LG G Flex 2 experienced overheating issues, so with the 820, the processor will efficiently power the phone without going overboard and overheating the phone.

Another difference will be the fingerprint scanner that’s embedded in the home button, something the LG G Flex 2 didn’t possess. The battery will be upgraded to a 3500 mAh battery, which is very much needed to power the phone’s 6-inch Full HD, 2K resolution display. The camera on this LG smartphone will also be improved; the rear and main camera will have 20.7 megapixels while the front will have 8.

A big topic that was discussed in the smartphone community regarding the LG G Flex 3 is how the material will change from its usual glossy body to a much sturdier metal body. While the metal is not the most pliable material, it will upgrade the look of the LG G Flex 3 by giving it a more sophisticated silhouette.

When will it be released?

The release of the LG G Flex has been in talks as early as 2015 but until now, LG Philippines haven’t come out with any statements regarding the smartphone. Be that as it may, the LG G Flex possesses unique features that are worth all of your anticipation.

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