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LG Optimus G Pro prices in Philippines

Optimized for fully charged performance, the LG Optimus G Pro enables you to live the life that does not have any limitations in it. Read more about LG Optimus G Pro Philippines below to find out.

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4 Offers from 2 stores available from ₱ 10,069.00 - ₱ 24,782.00

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LG Optimus G Pro Price by Country
Indonesia IDR 2,100,000
Philippines PHP 10,069
Thailand THB 5,000

About LG Optimus G Pro Philippines

LG Optimus G Pro Philippines - Living without Limitations

Proud to be in the business of developing and designing exceptional smartphone models, LG continues to display its innovation in all of its products. Similarly, the LG Optimus G Pro smartphone has been crafted exclusively to help you to live without limitations. All of this is possible due to its amazing specifications and features.

Simple & Sophisticated Design

Boasting excellent build quality due to its high level of craftsmanship, the LG Optimus G Pro proves to be an highly appealing design that merges the perfect balance of elegance and ergonomics at the same time. Talking about its elegance, you can see that this slim and thin LG smartphone sports sophisticated vibe that makes it such a highly refined smartphone design. As mentioned earlier, the LG Optimus G Pro is also designed with emphasis on ergonomics in mind. In short, the LG Optimus G Pro makes sure that you enjoy true comfort and joy whenever you holding and handling this LG smartphone as it fits perfectly within your palm.

Splendid Display Screen

Thanks to its gorgeous 5.5 Full HD IPS display screen (1080 x 1920 resolution), you will be getting one of the best viewing experiences that you can get in a smartphone. In fact, it offers stunningly beautiful visuals for your viewing pleasure. Not just that, it has been amazing to witness such super sharp and vivid display quality. Not just that, its display screen also comes with the fascinating IPS technology. This allows the LG Optimus G Pro to provide such wide viewing angle. When you have wide viewing angle, it means that you do not have to be limited to watching from a specific angle.

Optimized Performance with LG Optimus G Pro Philippines

Possessing the quad core processor, this enables LG Optimus G Pro to be more than just capable in dealing with general tasks. Aided by its 2GB RAM, multitasking has been a smooth affair as this LG Optimus G Pro does not even struggle when you are running several apps at the same time. In fact, it remains as steady as ever when it tackles most demanding and intensive apps for a long time.

Exceptional Camera Technology

Incorporating the powerful 13MP rear camera that comes with autofocus capability, it enables you to take gorgeous photos consistently in a instant. In other words, you can get lovely pictures effortlessly with LG Optimus G Pro. Another best thing about the LG Optimus G Pro is that it offers tons of setting and features that you can utilize it fully when it comes to getting the type of pictures and the quality that you want. Hence, the LG Optimus G Pro proves to be such an amazing smartphone that leaves you with tons of amazing specifications which change the way you use your smartphone.

Expert Reviews

Reviewed on 2013-08-23
The LG Optimus G Pro. It's the latest full-force flagship Android smartphone from LG, a phone-maker that doesn't normally get as much media mileage as an iPhone or a new Samsung Galaxy superphone or even an HTC.But maybe this is the phone that will get th...
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Reviewed on 2013-07-30
Anyone who has been following the developments in the world of mobile phones will know that it is absolutely flooded with Android mobile phones. Every manufacturer, it seems, has at least a few in their lineup, so it is up to manufacturers to differentiat...
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Reviewed on 2013-07-09
LG unveiled the 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro in South Korea on February 18 days before it was showcased at Mobile World Congress 2013 where we had a hands-on session . Back then, LG laid claims to being the first phone announced to be using Qualcomm Snapdragon ...
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Reviewed on 2013-02-27
The Samsung Galaxy Note II has been out in the market for about six months, yet there was hardly any rival in sight that could come close to challenge it. However, LG stepped into the picture last week when it unveiled the 5.5-inch Optimus G Pro.Judging f...
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Reviewed on 2014-04-14
The LG Optimus G Pro is a thin, 0.25-inch device that fits great in your hand and comes with many useful features. This LG smartphone has an impressive battery life that will keep your device juiced up for an entire day. This phone is responsive, has a go...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-06
LG Optimus Pro line up released its latest flagship phone with latest processor, large screen, and load of new features into it's smart phone naming it LG Optimus G Pro. Optimus Pro line of smart phone devices by the Korean brand focuses on high performan...
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Reviewed on 2014-02-06
The Korean brand focuses on high performance, fastest processor, innovative design and most importantly a challenge to other smart phone manufactures offering at the best price range. The battle comes down to LG Optimus G Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 2...
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Reviewed on 2014-01-17
Incredibly zippy processor, 1080p display is gorgeous, Solid build quality and design, Good battery life, comes with a spareSome may lament lack of stylus, Limited UMTS and LTE frequencies
The large-phone craze is rocking the world like a hurricane, and LG is no stranger to this trend: within the last year, the Korean manufacturer has launched two big-screened smartphones as Optimus Vus (three if you count the LG Intuition on Verizon) to me...
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Reviewed on 2013-12-01
Before the LG G2, there was the LG Optimus G . Announced sometime last year, it was better known as the blueprint of Google's Nexus 4 smartphone, which was one of the best smartphones of 2012. Clearly, LG wasn't going to rest on its laurels, and at MWC 20...
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Reviewed on 2013-10-03
full HD display, 5.5 inch screen, power packed device, good battery lifeSteep price, Android 4.1 only, average camera
LG launched its Optimus G Pro phablet which can be compared against the likes of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Lenovo K900. In terms of price it competes with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, BlackBerry Z10, etc. But even with a high-end device, LG do...
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Reviewed on 2013-09-26
Highquality build, SoC's performance, Bright and large Full HD screen, 16 GB of storage, LTE support, NFC module, Removable batterySteep purchase price, Primary camera only middling for a premium device, Moderate battery runtime
The Optimus G Pro E986 enters the race as a new premium model from the Optimus series. It presents itself as a genuine top-of-the-range smartphone with the corresponding features. The configuration and performance of the Optimus G Pro E986 has been enhanc...
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Reviewed on 2013-09-11
Impressive Display, Good Battery life, Excellent multitasking experience, Advanced configuration, Fast and Responsive touchNo FM, Average camera, Tinny loud speaker
It hasn't been long since we had our hands on with LG Optimus G few months back, and now the latest iteration in the series- the LG Optimus G Pro is here. A time when "FullHD" Smart Phones are blooming everywhere, LG Optimus G Pro E988 comes as another ad...
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Reviewed on 2013-09-04
Posted in Cell Phones, Mobile Device Reviews, ReviewsIf you think oversized mobile phones were a thing of the past, think again. With the birth of 3G/4G networks, social network platforms, the internet and in-phone cameras, combined with the mobile lif...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-25
Before we start today’s unbiased review, we would like to tell you what the word optimus means. It means – ‘one of the best’, well that certainly says a lot about the phone we are reviewing today. The LG Optimus G Pro is absolutely one of the best phones we have held in our hand and it comes with immense new capabilities....
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Reviewed on 2013-08-24
To purchase the LG Optimus G Pro, CLICK HEREChaitanya Tapase is currently our Deputy Editor (Technology) with Exhibit Magazine and is a tech and gadget lover like the rest of us. Lately he has been bitten by the photography bug and is trying his best to l...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-19
It doesn't seem that long ago that we had our first look at the LG Optimus G smartphone, but in reality it's been 9 months since we wrapped that one up. Today we have the latest iteration of the LG Optimus series, the Optimus G Pro. The Optimus G Pro is s...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-19
LG Optimus G Pro comes with 1.7 Ghz quad core processor with 2 GB of RAM and great features which you might have seen earlier but not all of them and the display is the most amazing thing about this device. We let you know more in our detailed review with...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-18
Display, Performance, Software (Q Apps), CameraNA
LG Optimus G Pro was launched in India last month for Rs 42,500. It is the successor of LG Optimus G and it belongs to the Phablet segment. Currently Samsung is leading the Phablet market around the globe with their Galaxy Note 2. Samsung even launched a ...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-16
There are a lot of really great smartphones on the market today. With various manufacturers competing for their slice of the smartphone market, there are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for one of these high-end phones. Although some consume...
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Reviewed on 2013-08-15
Yesterday we shared with you the hands-on images of the LG Optimus G Pro phablet which was launched in India last month for Rs.42,500. The G Pro is being aimed as a direct competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note II. But does it succeed? Read on to know abou...
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