Nintendo Switch Price List July, 2020 & Specs in Philippines

Whether you're playing during your spare time or while staying at home to minimize the spread of viruses such as coronavirus (Covid-19), Nintendo Switch can help you stave off boredom, as well as isolation during a pandemic. Learn more about Nintendo Switch below!

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Whether you're playing during your spare time or while staying at home to minimize the spread of viruses such as coronavirus (Covid-19), Nintendo Switch can help you stave off boredom, as well as isolation during a pandemic. Learn more about Nintendo Switch below!

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₱ 19,813.52
₱ 39,096.00

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Cheapest Nintendo Switch Price in Philippines is ₱ 19,813.52

The Nintendo Switch is now available in Philippines. The cheapest Nintendo Switch price in Philippines is ₱ 19,813.52 from Lazada. You can also choose between different Nintendo Switch variants with Grey starting from ₱ 22,823.00 and Neon Blue and Neon Red at ₱ 19,813.52. Nintendo Switch price details are updated July 2020.

Nintendo Switch Price Guide

Price List by Country for Nintendo Switch

Country International Price Price in PHP
Hong Kong HKD 3,099.97 ₱ 19,814.00
Indonesia IDR 3.750.000 ₱ 12,805.00
Malaysia MYR 1,349.00 ₱ 15,586.00
Philippines PHP 19,813.52 ₱ 19,814.00
Singapore SGD 479.00 ₱ 17,016.00
Thailand THB 8,390 ₱ 13,357.00
Vietnam VND 8.400.000 ₱ 17,925.00

Nintendo Switch Price in Philippines by Variants

Variants Price Store
Nintendo Switch Neon Blue and Neon Red ₱ 19,813.52 Amazon
Nintendo Switch Grey ₱ 22,823.00 Galleon

News about Nintendo Switch

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Nintendo Switch Specs

Video Resolution SD
3D Ready No
Data Storage
Hard Drive Capacity 32GB
Expandable Memory Yes
Hard Drive Type MicroSD Card
Type of Memory Expansion MicroSD Card
Included Memory Yes
Streaming Yes
Online Capables Yes
Web Browser Yes
Video Chat No
Skype No
Wireless Controller Yes
Number of Controller 2
Motion Control No
USB Controller No
Bluetooth Controller No
Release Year 2017
Diagonal Screen Size 6.2"
Number of Display 1
Capacitive Touch Screen No
Multitouch No
Display Resolution 1280 x 720pixels
Power Supply
Battery Charging Time 6h
Battery Life 6h
Battery Pack No
Power Adapter Yes
Battery Capacity 4310mAh
Packaging Content
Controller Included 2
Dimensions (W x H x D) 238.7 x 12.7 x 101.6mm
Weight 297g
Max Number of Players 1
Bluetooth Yes
Wi-Fi No

Nintendo Switch Price and Specifications

FAQs: Nintendo Switch Price PH, Availability, and More!

How much is Nintendo switch in Philippines?

As of July 2020, the Nintendo Switch price Philippines ranges from ₱ 15,495 to ₱ 16,995. Nintendo Switch is available on leading e-marketplaces in the Philippines like Shopee and Lazada.

What’s the best game for Nintendo Switch?

Best Nintendo Switch games 2020 Philippines: the most essential games every Switch gamer must own!

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons
  • Pokemon Sword and Shield
  • Luigi’s Mansion 3
  • Untitled Goose Game
  • Ring Fit Adventure
  • Super Mario Maker 2
  • Super Smash Bros Ultimate
  • Tetris 99
  • Stardew Valley
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Octopath Traveler
  • The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
  • Minecraft
  • Dragon Quest XI | Echoes of an Elusive Age
  • Terraria
  • Fortnite
  • Dauntless
  • Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition
  • Astral Chain
  • Torchlight II
  • The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
  • Splatoon
  • Fire Emblem 3 Houses
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Nintendo Switch: A Complete Console Experience

The Switch is Nintendo’s first hybrid console that comes with portable and home console elements. It’s the perfect device for those who want to play at home as well as on the go. Here’s a rundown of its specifications and features.

Nintendo Switch Design and Display

Sporting a 6.2-inch display, the Nintendo Switch comes with a tablet-like body, measuring 6.7x3.9x.6 inches. Above the display, there’s a 3.5mm headphone jack, power button, Game Card slot, volume rocker, and exhaust vent. On the sides, you can slide in the Joy-Cons which are the controllers of the video game console. The Nintendo Switch sports a 1280x720 p display which offers a right amount of sharpness and a decent pixel density of 236.87 PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The display provides enough resolution and performs most tasks quite well. It also harnesses a capacitive panel that has a high contrast ratio and nice touch gestures.

Nintendo Switch Controllers

Weighing only 0.1 each, the Joy-Con controllers are light and come in bright colors. They are very easy to attach to the console and come with face buttons that offer a satisfying click. On top of that, the device allows you to vibrate the Joy-Cons, which is a very convenient feature in case you’ve lost one of the controllers, thanks to the Switch 3.0 OS update.

Nintendo Switch Multiplayer

Setting up an online multiplayer game on the Nintendo Switch is easy – just start up any titles with a multiplayer feature and select local wireless mode. Then set up a room, so other players can join and choose the rules. If you play Mario Kart and you compete with another player, the display will split for each of you to view your position in the race. You will not see what the other player is seeing on the screen.

Nintendo Switch Graphics and Battery

What’s amazing about the Nintendo Switch is that it boosts the resolution of many exclusive titles, such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. If you play it on the Wii U, the game only runs at 720p resolution, while on the Switch, it runs at 900p which is quite impressive. What’s more, its bright and vibrant screen further enhances the graphical performance of Nintendo Switch games, which is an improvement over Nintendo’s previous handhelds. In addition, the Switch can last up to 6 hours with moderate use. You can further extend its battery life by turning on the airplane mode (if you are not using the device) or lowering the display brightness.

Reviews of Nintendo Switch
Reviewed on 2017-03-24
Feels like a premium product, Very portable, Option to play at home and on-the-go, Quick and hassle-free transition from handheld to gaming on the TV, Waking it up from Sleep mode is almost instantaneous, Decent graphics
on the Grip, Cannot backup files, Cannot connect to a wireless headphone
Nintendo always aims to be something different from the powerhouse consoles like the Xbox One or the PS4. Like the Nintendo Wii, the Nintendo Switch release was a success. The Switch had the best initial two-day sales of any Nintendo console in North Amer...
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Reviewed on 2019-12-18
Hybrid design - functions as handheld and home console, Excellent exclusive games
Third-party support still lacking, Bare-bones online service, Least powerful console on the market
After a shaky few years with their maligned Wii U, Nintendo have taken a second swing at reshaping the console market with the Nintendo Switch, a hybrid between a handheld and home console. The Nintendo Switch itself is a 6.2” handheld tablet with two det...
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Reviewed on 2019-11-28
Three play modes make it convenient to use whereve, Excellent variety of available game, Smartly designed controls
Graphics are worse than rivals' offering, Online membership features are inconsistent across game, Battery life of original model is short
After a lackluster console generation with the Wii U, Nintendo managed to turn things around with the much-beloved Nintendo Switch: a cross between a handheld and traditional game console. Since its launch in March 2017, we've seen the console get a revis...
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Reviewed on 2019-07-30
Extremely portable, Great for local multiplayer, Relatively low cost
Graphics aren't as good as other consoles, Lackluster online service, No Ethernet port, Wi-Fi only
Lifewire / Zach SweatExtremely portableGreat for local multiplayerRelatively low costGraphics aren't as good as other consolesLackluster online serviceNo Ethernet port, Wi-Fi onlyThe Nintendo Switch is a truly revolutionary device in the gam...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-07
Conveniently lets you game on the go and at home, Has a strong selection of first party titles and choice indies, Online service is cheaper than the competition
Needs more third-party titles, Multiplayer voice chatting is wonkier than other consoles, Still no Bluetooth headphone support
The Nintendo Switch is no Wii U -- we knew that much when we reviewed it on March 1st, 2017. Its portable design lets you play your games anywhere, and it seamlessly turns into a home console when you dock it, something that still feels magical today. Bes...
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Reviewed on 2019-03-03
It may be hard to believe, but the Nintendo Switch was released exactly two years ago today - yes, time flies. The hybrid console is one of the most popular pieces of hardware to come out of Nintendo in recent years, and so I wanted to take a look back to...
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Reviewed on 2018-09-27
By Tom Marks A year and a half after its launch, the Nintendo Switch has almost entirely lived up to the initial promise it made. While I may not have brought it out at any rooftop parties, I have played major games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the...
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Reviewed on 2018-09-20
Yes, you are getting charged for a service that was previously free, but from Nintendo's standpoint, this business model makes sense. The company couldn't charge its players for a service that lacked titles, so it had to wait until the Switch built a nice...
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Reviewed on 2018-05-17
You don't need me to tell you that the Nintendo Switch is a blockbuster success; all you need to do is look at the numbers. 13 months after its debut, Nintendo's new console has sold about 18 million units, putting the company's profits up 500% year-over-...
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Reviewed on 2017-12-19
Welcome to Cult of Mac ‘s Gadget of the Year extravaganza. Unlike some other blogs, where harassed writers get a last-minute order from the boss to come up with an end-of-year list, and then spend a half-hour writing up the first five Google results for t...
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Reviewed on 2017-11-22
Yesojo's Ojo projector is a great idea: It's a portable Nintendo Switch ($299.00 at dock that lets you project your gameplay on any wall or screen without being tethered to a wall outlet.I've spent a few days playing with a prototype of the pr...
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Reviewed on 2017-09-04
As of yesterday, the Nintendo Switch has been available at retail for six months. In that time, it's become clear that the Switch is a smashing success, at least at launch. Though we won't be able to say if it will take a place among the console greats fo...
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Reviewed on 2017-07-26
What I love: My favorite thing about the Switch is that it goes where I go. I barely have time to sit in front of my PS4 or Xbox One at home these days, but I've dumped countless hours into Breath of the Wild, Arms and Splatoon 2 on planes, subways and we...
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Reviewed on 2017-07-24
I have a PlayStation 4 Pro and an Xbox One S attached to my oversized 65-inch 4K television. I haven't touched either of them since I got my Nintendo Switch.At this point, it seems silly to enumerate all of the reasons why the Switch is great. It's not ju...
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Reviewed on 2017-05-02
Seamless transition from docked to mobile and vice versa, Zelda is as good as advertised, Lightweight design prevents fatigue from setting in, Bright and vibrant 6.2-inch display, Storage is expandable, Controls are comfortable, Just plain fun
Weak launch lineup outside of Zelda, Wrist-strap needs a redesign, Dated processor from the get-go, Only 32GB of built-in storage
When I first heard about Nintendo 's plan to build a hybrid console, I thought it was a long shot. And truthfully, it was. But I also reckoned the response to a 2-in-1 console (or 3-in-1 if you count tabletop mode, as Nintendo does) would ultimately be lu...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-29
Othello, coming to us from Arc System Works for the Nintendo Switch, feels pretty much at home on this fledgling piece of hardware that's bridging the gap between the home console and portable market. I don't think Othello will be taking the world by stor...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-21
I feel like Nintendo has been lost for a while. The runaway success of the Wii left them complacent—its very success largely bought by a fickle casual crowd that soon moved on to the next hot tech trend. When the Wii U arrived in late 2012, it was already...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-20
Nintendo's dream of hybrid gaming fully realized, Truly exciting hardware that stands out from the rest, Fairly solid launch lineup, especially with Zelda
Accessories are far too expensive, Online systems still need a lot of work, Launch feels rushed in general
I have something of a love/hate relationship with Nintendo consoles, especially in recent years. While I grew up with consoles like the Super NES, Nintendo 64, and Gamecube, in the time since then my preference has shifted to Nintendo's handhelds like the...
Read more >
Reviewed on 2017-03-16
If we're all being honest, exciting video game console launches from Nintendo are rare. Sony and Microsoft can worry about offering games that look as realistic as possible. Nintendo concerns itself first with how much fun people will have regardless of h...
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Reviewed on 2017-03-16
Nintendo is a company of many landmarks. The NES saved the home gaming industry from near-extinction in the 80s, the Wii was a cultural phenomenon whose accessible approach motivated many to try games for the first time, and the company remains the longes...
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