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Nokia 130 prices in Philippines

Reminiscent of the alphanumeric keypad days? Want an affordable phone that could play both your video and music files on-the-go? Get yourself a Nokia 130 with the offers below and read more about it here!

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Nokia 130 Price by Country
Indonesia IDR 215,000
Malaysia MYR 129
Vietnam VND 619,000

About Nokia 130 Philippines

Nokia 130 Philippines: Your Portable Music and Video Player

Though lacking in the built-in camera area, the Nokia 130 houses an old-style alphanumeric keypad that is an upgraded version of its direct predecessor, the Nokia 106. The Nokia 130 is however smaller, lighter, and with a larger and stronger battery. You can get up to 13 hours of talktime or 46 hours if used as a music and video player. The Nokia 130 does have a built-ion radio of which you can tune to your favorite radio stations on-the-go. It also features Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and microSD card slot that will allow you to add up to 32GB of music, video, pictures, and documents storing.

Play Your Media Out Loud and Proud with the Nokia 130

One of the strongest suits of the Nokia 130 is the battery life. Nokia phones are famously known to be one of the toughest in the market and having a tough battery that could last more than half a day is equally an added bonus. Coming in with a back cover that prevents the color from being scratched off easily, the Nokia 130 houses great power performance with up to 36 days of standby time—it is relatively ready for anything. They say that two is always better than one—it plays well with the fact that the Nokia 130 comes with the capabilities to house 2 SIM cards at a time with its Switch SIM feature. Another strong suit of the Nokia 130 is the music and video playing feature. You can get up to 16 hours of video playback and up to 30 hours of music playing on-the-go.

The Nokia 130 also features a new way of sharing files. Gone are the days of using infrared and connection your phones to the computer. Comes in the time of wirelessly and effortlessly sharing files between other users. Share videos, contacts, and other with Slam via Bluetooth. Fairly quick and easy; you just need to be close to a Bluetooth-enabled phone or device and you can start sharing all that you want.

Should You Own It?

Well, considering that it has not a camera built into it, the Nokia 130 is basically and most fundamentally a media-focused phone. If you are opting for a device that could play all your media files while still being able to make calls, send messages, and store contacts and document files, then the Nokia 130 is the perfect phone for you to have.

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