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Nokia 515 prices in Philippines

Bar phones are the best devices to carry around if you want to easily get a grip on you text messaging habits. Thankfully, Nokia never gave up that concept and continued producing those kind of phones to cater to the minority who are still stuck in yesterday's smartphones. Behold the Nokia 515! Click here to know more about!

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The Nokia 515: Bringing You Back to the Basics

The Nokia 515 is a phone that seems out of place but one too that will make many people feel at home. What poses an even bigger contradiction is that it's actually expensive for what it is - an ordinary dumbphone with no touchscreen and less apps than the Ashas. At the same time, it's a premium design in the entry-level segment. It’s got features that more than justify the asking price - the aluminum build, Gorilla Glass 2 covered curved screen, a 5MP camera and LED flash. And it sure has the look and feel of a true classic.

Hard Buttons and Numpad is Life

The navigation deck is built around a four-way D-pad with a confirmation center key. There's a soft key and a call key on either side. The controls are adequately sized and have good tactile feedback. The numpad has nicely comfortably keys of good size and the same nice feedback.

Decent Build Display

The display of the Nokia 515 is a 2.4-incher of QVGA resolution. This adds up to the very modest 167ppi density, which however isn't that bad for the entry level class. Image quality is decent with contrast levels good for the price range. The Nokia 515 is pleasantly joyful to hold. You will have absolutely no trouble operating it with one hand and its aluminum back provides a great feel in the hand.

Timeless Symbian UI: The S40

The Nokia 515 is a S40 6th edition device. It uses Active standby as its default homescreen layout - you might be familiar with it if you have used a Nokia phone of old. It divides the screen into tiles that can be scrolled with the D-pad and edited as you see fit. They can be rearranged but the default layout makes sense. The general indicators are on top, featuring date, time and missed events.

Also, as a Series 40 device, the Nokia 515 will run Java apps so you can extend the functionality. It's not as good as a fully featured smart platform, but it cover some of the basics like, say, a Facebook app.

Basics of Messaging

The Nokia 515 handles messaging without a problem, though with no fanfare either. The supported formats are SMS, MMS, flash and audio messages and the phone handles email too. The keyboard of the 515 will give you reasonable typing speed. It's a good package in terms of software support too, with Nokia Messaging and Nokia Chat enabled.

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